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We provide a complete solution for you to become the best cryptocurrency trader you can be.

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"It's about structure and cheatsheets, it's really that straightforward!"

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Strategies that have been perfected over the past decade.

Tested over and over our strategies have been proven to work time and again.

You won’t need any other strategies, ever.

Our way of trading is checklist based and systematic.

Combining strict trading rules with an individual trading plan will effectively improve your results.

No more guesswork, impulsive moves or FOMO.

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Study at your own pace and fit trading into your busy life.

With on-point courses and hands on training we are helping 10,600+ traders from all walks of life to make trading part of their daily routine.

If they can do it, so can you.

We offer a complete solution. Courses, community & mentoring.

Most people in our community are happy to leave their old sources of crypto news and education behind.

No more information overload or late nights researching.

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Craig Cobb

Co-Founder of Tradercobb and a globally recognised educator and speaker in business, trading and cryptocurrency.

Podcast Host

Craig hosts the top ranking podcast The TraderCobb Crypto Podcast, which has achieved number 1 ranking in Apple iTunes in: Australia, UK, USA, NZ, Japan, Belgium, France & Singapore.

Leader in crypto trading

Craig is considered a positive leader in the world of Crypto trading, putting his integrity and audience first always.

Craig has been in financial markets since he was 16 years old and has been doing so professionally for the better part of his adult life, having worked with and been mentored by some of the top traders around the world.

He has now been trading crypto exclusively for the past few years, without ever risking more than 3% of his account. He has boiled down his success factors into three easy-to-follow, checklist based strategies to be used in any type of market, be it bullish or bearish.

Keeping It Simple

With one of Craig’s mantras being “risk management before profit”, students feel safe and are empowered to trade in a risk management first mindset.

Craig teaches the strategies in a no-nonsense way, much appreciated by his former and current students around the world…

A group of 10,600 traders and growing!

“I became the trader I am today due to my mentors and people that didn’t need to help me, helping me. I was asked one thing, to pay it forward. Tradercobb.com is me paying it forward and doing something new that challenges me.”

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No worries, we have covered everything you need to start simply! We will take you through step by step, ensuring you understand each step before moving on. Start now with our FREE “Become a Trader” Course and see what all the hype is about.

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