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Simplify Trading

Most companies that teach Technical Analysis make trading so complex that the average person simply cannot grasp the concepts quickly and they stop trying due to overwhelm. We keep things simple.

Give You Time Back

Craig and his team have perfected the art of scanning the market quickly to assess opportunities. His checklists will help you logically put together your watchlist and to know when to sit on your hands.

Strong Community

In this new market and distant online world, it’s easy to feel alone and uncertain about what you’re doing. Our community gives people a sounding board and support system, which is ever so important now.

We’ve Done the Hard Work

These strategies have been tried and tested for decades. They work and that’s why we want to share them with you. Why try to create a new way of doing things, when we have already done the hard work testing it.

We have worked with some of the biggest Names in trading and finance

Craig has presented for

Sky News

Meet the master

Craig Cobb

Co-Founder of Tradercobb and a globally recognised educator and speaker in business, trading and cryptocurrency.

Podcast Host

Craig hosts the top ranking podcast The TraderCobb Crypto Podcast, which has achieved number 1 ranking in Apple iTunes in: Australia, UK, USA, NZ, Japan, Belgium, France & Singapore.

Leader in crypto trading

Craig is considered a positive leader in the world of Crypto trading, putting his integrity and audience first always.

Craig has been in financial markets since he was 16 years old and has been doing so professionally for the better part of his adult life, having worked with and been mentored by some of the top traders around the world.

He has now been trading crypto exclusively for the past few years, without ever risking more than 3% of his account. He has boiled down his success factors into three easy-to-follow, checklist based strategies to be used in any type of market, be it bullish or bearish.

Keeping It Simple

With one of Craig’s mantras being “risk management before profit”, students feel safe and are empowered to trade in a risk management first mindset.

Craig teaches the strategies in a no-nonsense way, much appreciated by his former and current students around the world…

A group of 10,600 traders and growing!

Craig Profile

“I became the trader I am today due to my mentors and people that didn’t need to help me, helping me. I was asked one thing, to pay it forward. Tradercobb.com is me paying it forward and doing something new that challenges me.”

Meet the Mentors

Meet the mentors

“I have worked with these guys for over 2 years now and what a journey it has been. They have listened, learned, and done whatever I asked of them. Seeing the homework come in, the mistakes, the emotions and trades, the winning streaks, their personal challenges… We really have been through it all and now, I’m so proud to say that they are ready to help others using the same structured approach...

They are very good mates of mine now and I can’t recommend them enough. A top group of humans and now great traders, each and every one of them. Stoked!”

-Craig Cobb

Now highly competent and consistent traders they are here to guide you past any pit-falls, set you on the right track by reviewing your trades and give you a word of encouragement right when you need it.

We love and appreciate our mentors, and we are sure you will too!


“The opportunity to learn from and be mentored by Craig as well as be a part of the TraderCobb community has helped me weather the crypto winter and come out stronger and ready to take advantage of the best trading conditions as they appear. In January and February of 2020, we had fantastic trading conditions and I used it to increase my account by 20%.


 “Three things have gotten me where I am today; (1) My apprenticeship with Craig, (2) The discord community nurturing my growth and , (3) working on myself.  I have grown my account enough to be able to trade full time…. Get your mindset right, understand the powers of greed and fear, and understand trend, and you will succeed“

Meet the Apprentices

“The apprentices are people I have personally selected from our Community, chosen for their constant enthusiasm, willingness to help others and desire to learn.

Having watched these traders grow and witnessed their results – I can say I am extraordinarily proud of the progress they have made and they really show what is possible when you do the work and follow the rules.”

-Craig Cobb

Meet the apprentice


The trader’s lifestyle is one that needs to be earned. Earned through mental highs and lows, through lessons, mistakes, and success. Learning from Craig and other apprentices has helped me immensely along my trading journey, and I am confident in saying I couldn’t have done it without them. I am thrilled to be an apprentice and a member of the team, helping others along the way to achieving their trading goals.


“I knew nothing about trading when I started in the TC community, except having a hunch that it was for me. The TraderCobb community has given me everything. From knowledge and skills, to a network of people that are either in the process of, or already have turned trading into a career.

The simplicity of the checklist based strategies form such a good foundation to build upon, allowing you to focus on developing the most important skills of being a trader, like risk management, trade record keeping, interpreting your data, and your mindset.

I am still a few years from being able to support myself and partner completely with trading, but I am so glad that I started this journey at my age, because when my account grows, I will be fully equipped with the skills required.”


Bob Allwright from Melbourne Australia is probably the oldest apprentice we have ever had proving that you are never too old to learn to trade even if you are not over competent with technology. He says the Discord community and the other apprentices have really helped him become a more proficient trader.  Bob believes that success leaves clues that’s why he joined the TraderCobb apprentice program to be mentored from someone who has such a long career as a successful professional trader.


Dan is from Geelong, Australia and he has been trading Craig’s strategies since 2018. When he first started trading back then he knew that he had found something he loved and wanted this to be his next career path. Dan recently decided to take the plunge and he started trading full time late 2021 and absolutely loves it. He admits it has been a bumpy ride so far but his learnings and growth already has been amazing, he believes he will smooth out the bumps and become that consistent trader that he wants to be. Becoming one of Craig’s apprentices was a goal of Dan’s and it has come at the perfect time for him, this is going to accelerate his lessons and development to help him reach his goal of becoming the best trader he can be. Dan also loves helping people and wants to become a trading mentor for others, so feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions.


The mentoring I’ve received through Trader Cobb has been invaluable and has transformed me from a mediocre trader to a profitable and professional trader. Craig’s guidance has completely changed my trading style and practices, such as correct risk management, overcoming psychological barriers and how to take a flawless trade. I’ve gone from being unsure and winging it to a confident trader who enjoys the whole process and I’m so grateful.


“Cam is a trader and elite athlete from Melbourne, Australia. Actively in Crypto since 2017, he decided to add another string to his bow as a trend trader by learning the TraderCobb strategies.

After finding an engaging and supportive community of like-minded traders, Cam continued his education under Craig as an apprentice to further sharpen his skills at the same time as helping others. Having the tutelage from Craig has proved key, and he continues to be a consistently profitable trader, which perfectly complements his international sporting career as he can trade from any location around the world.

Craig is helping Cam achieve his trading goals so that he can earn his living as a full-time trader when he retires from his sporting career.”

Meet the Team

Meet the team

At TraderCobb we believe teamwork is exponentially better than solo-work. We encourage and inspire each other to learn something new every day and to bring a wealth of knowledge into everything that we do.

We are a close-knit team spread across the globe, determined to bring you the best learning experience possible. Whether you are just starting out your trading journey or you have been in the space for many years you can trust us to bring you highly valuable content.

From the Crypto Show Podcast, via our YouTube channel, and throughout every single product we offer, we work hard to empower you to become the best trader you can be. That is our common goal. Read on to get to know each one of us a little closer.

Like what you see? We are always interested in connecting with additional talent. Drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know how you would like to contribute to our team


Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Kathlene is an interesting character – relentless and driven, yet fun and kind. She keeps us on track and drives our strategic direction. Without Kath, all our meetings would run overtime, and none of our tasks would ever be completed. We can count on her to keep us to task. Our customers love her as she ensures quality standards and customer service levels remain top of the game at all times.


General Manager & Professional Trader

Luke started out as one of Craig’s first apprentices, and as his relationship grew with us, we began to see many more strengths that he could offer the TraderCobb team and community. With a keen interest in social media and content creation, Luke heads up our Social Strategy and production of video content. He also provides a great sounding board for the Discord community as one of the senior traders.


General Manager/Corporate Relations

Rhys is one our most reliable and hard working team members.

Having started his TC journey as a customer, he has experienced the full life cycle of learning to trade.

Having shown his desire and passion for helping others succeed, Rhys was quickly promoted to the role of General Manager and oversees the daily operations within the business, whilst supporting our growing community of traders and corporate partners.

Rhys is always willing to help, so if you have a question you need answered about trading, he’s your man!


Senior Trader

Louis is a full-time trader who completed a two-year apprenticeship under Craig Cobb. Louis started his trading journey five years ago and formally purchased the Become a Master trading course four years later. Louis was later accepted into the apprenticeship program and he has since grown his trading account from five figures to six figures.

Louis is still active in the Trader cobb community and enjoys the ocean in his spare time. His message to anyone starting their trading journey is “once you find the right strategy for you, stick with it, master it, and rinse and repeat”.


Chief Marketing Officer

Nik began his journey at TraderCobb as a video editor over 2 years ago and has since earned his role as our marketing manager. With over 10 years of experience in the TV and radio industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, and is passionate about getting the job done. He is a proud Slav, avid trader, and workaholic with a keen interest in organic growth for this business. If you need marketing advice, or you’re a keen gamer, Nik is your man!


HR and Systems Manager

Tony is the “laminin guy” that glues the tiny bits and pieces of the team. A huge support to our Operations and resource teams, he keeps us on track and on target. He makes sure that employees are well-fed and happy so they can continue to produce the awesome products, contents and customer service that we are offering!


Operations and Support

A minimalist wannabe, If you want things done Robin is your go to guy. This TraderCobb admin loves to learn different things and an aspiring trader.


Operations and Support

Tristan is a work oriented and a go to person if ever you need support in any way. A key member of our admin team, he is there to help with membership and subscription needs and keep our customers happy.

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