Your application is nearly complete…!

Please follow the next few steps to book a private call from Craig, where he will assess your suitability to join the Apprenticeship, and you can ask any further questions you may have.

Final Steps:

  1. Confirm you have the resources and time available to commit to this program
  2. Confirm your acceptance of the Apprenticeship rules ​​and complete the Apprenticeship Questionnaire here.

Once completed, we will schedule a time for Craig to call you.​​

​The Apprentice Program – Overview

Join me on a 12-month adventure of self-discovery and trading excellence.

This is not going to be easy, nor is it always going to feel good but it will get you the tools you need to succeed.

By following a set plan, you will overcome your hurdles and have many ‘aha’ moments, and ultimately reach your trading goals much faster.

​How the apprenticeship will work:

Week 1 – 6

​Full group call x 1 hour, each week

Week 7 – 18

Full group call x 1 hour, each fortnight

Week 19 – ​52

​​Full group call x 1 hour, each fortnight (hosted by a ​Chairperson elected by the group), and 1 Monthly Call with Craig

​A private Discord group will be created for your discussions with Craig and group members. This group will continue as long as you wish it to following the completion of your apprenticeship, so you can continue to support and inspire each other.

Over $20,000 of high value mentoring with Craig!

• 32 x 1 hr calls with Craig over the course of the year
• Unlimited group chat in Discord
• Unlimited group meetings (as a cohort, minus Craig)

The group meetings without Craig will help build the group dynamic and create a unity and strength that will surpass the first 12 months with TraderCobb. It’s designed to be a lifetime resource.