Bitcoin & $9,000 + Top-10

We have seen a really nice move here on Bitcoin over the last few days with $9,000 having been broken. In this video I give you some perspective for if we fail to hold $9,000 today. It won’t be panic stations for me.

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By Trader Cobb -

Good day everybody welcome back to a new week it is Tuesday of course having a long weekend here in Australia as of yesterday a great day. And I want to take you through a couple of things I’ve changed my top tend to be the FTX charts I’ve also got a Bitmex down here.

And the real reason for that guys is because you know what, I’m using FTX to do my margin trading as well as Bitmex. That’s where majority of my trades are being taken the moment the reason being, is I like to trade against the Stablecoin or the USD.

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So wanted to show you right now what I’m looking at here of course looking at Bitcoin here on the daily chart, we pull back here now I spoke to this pullback in here, and this one here, I was long here and got stopped out. Really good start to the year despite that stop out.

I didn’t take this I want to see what would go on. I wanted to say that my magic wasn’t actually this when I was looking at it was this one that’s now moved well beyond one to one of many did take that trade. Many took it based off the two day here and it has achieved one to one.

The level that I’m watching closely is is high. If we can get above 9198. We haven’t done that just yet. Then you know we basically have a higher high and therefore higher lows looking pretty good right now. But let me just show you the weekly as well. When we break the high of weekly candle, it’s a pretty positive thing.

We broke the high of the weekly here, boom, nice move percent boom, nice move 6% pullback last week, but already we’ve broken that high. So it’s a nice, a nice continuation. If you look at the monthly here as well actually let me show the Bitmex monthly because it shows more data.

Have a look at this. Broke that monthly, really strong candle up 27% for the month of January thus far. Of course we still have a few days to go. Hopefully we can push higher. Who knows? But definitely a very good start to the year and people sort of asked me what I’m looking for.

And I when I was interviewed in the back of the podcast last week, they’re asking me, you know, what am I looking for for a bull run? I’m looking for multiple trend agreement daily, weekly, monthly, but of course I can’t have an uptrend. I can’t have that monthly uptrends until we break this high because I remember higher high this is the higher low.

So when I can see the highs of monthly candles being taken out I tend to see it as quite good I mean look at this high broke move higher throughout here he kept on saying the monthly candles broken higher through that run that we had March April through to July.

Same thing when we start to break the highs of those candles we didn’t see a really nice follow through. Nicely this closed bullish break the high continuing. We’re coming back again to the daily just want to come through this top 10 show very nice follow through buying there on those dailies now I’ve got some Fibonacci points that are drawn in here and I base that really off the 15 Minute.

I’m not interested right now in a pullback on the 15 I was drawn these women were about here and we started to pull back. Why well by being a buyer and that 9000 for something around the around a boost ish not a perfect booster. The booster strategy trade for me right now However, I’m going to back off a little bit, I’m going to say so here we go on the one hour the two hour, but we’ve got to be realistic here.

Look at this move that we’ve had straight up from the these lows three will just go from here to the high. It’s 10% move and it’s kind of in a straight line I want to say it pulled like I want to say that move on which means that because we are extended here on the four hour and many of the time frames as well we could very well see a pullback but so far so good just don’t be shocked if we do get a bit of a pullback.

Bitcoin looking very very strong Ethereum Perpetual here again pulling back into that cradle zone and which is what I was waiting by to get a trading he didn’t get the perfect setup could have taken something around here did not left it waited happy to do so.

Now I’m seeing this continuation coming through monthly not quite as strong here in a theorem look at the weekly again, the weekly ended up only just last week and breaking the high of that as well.

Just looking at these lower timeframes looking at these lower timeframes at the moment on these markets. EOS Perpetual again, really nice looking trend here waiting for that two hour to getting back into that cradle zone Stellar against the US dollar. This is on Binance against Tether again.

This is a beauty pullback in bullish candle broken to the upside a really nice looking steady move there from Stellar of course that weekly candle not looking to crash hot strong divergence there. XRP moving higher nothing really to speak on any of the time frames there.

Litecoin is what I do quite like check this out on the two hour beautiful cyclicity through their. Waiting on this one to see if we can get back into here give a little bullish candle and that might give me an opportunity to get long on some margin there and don’t be scared of margin too by the way guys, you know that 61.8 back in those old highs more like a lot and watching that very closely.

Don’t be scared about margin it’s actually a better way of trading and the reason I say better way because I know what I’m doing with this right. Bitcoin Cash nothing there Binance nothing really there going on at the minute. Yeah, the reason is it’s a better way of trading is because your counterparty risk is actually less if you’re gonna trade spot let’s say you’ve got two Bitcoin to work with.

If you’re gonna trade spot then that to Bitcoin needs to be seeing. You’re gonna be risking off of that you’re going to have much more of your portfolio you know sitting on a platform, if I’m trading with margin, I can actually manage a large position with a smaller amount of money.

So that’s why the counterparty risk the counterparty being the exchange it’s actually diminished so it’s really important to understand that and have looked through some of the content you’ll understand more about them and we’re about to release some more as well shortly.

BNB if you’re gonna take it was yesterday i didn’t i didn’t go for that. I’ve left that once again, TRON starting to move. Not a great deal going on there not the best cyclicity not terrible too it looks a little bit better here but I want to see it extend. Cardano I really like to look at this chart.

And here’s the reasoning have a look at this old resistance, bang, bang, bang, we’ve pushed up through it. And now I’m looking for pullbacks back into that region. Why? Well because I got a 50% and a 61.8% in that region. It’s not an exact science right there.

I’m not actually looking for a Booster Trade here. A Booster trading strategy. I’m waiting for a pullback in a little cradle and then a move one of my favorites right there BSV also not doing a great deal on these lower timeframes, all the high timeframes.

To be fair percentage wise yesterday, it was up quite significantly 8%, but not much on the chart structure. So that’s a top 10. there guys, again, if you would like to get access to getting 10% off your trading fees with FTX. If you are a member of the TraderCobb courses, you’ll see a full walkthrough on how to use FTX manage that portfolio correctly with your risk management.

And of course, you’ve got the risk management tool there as access as a member as well. If you’re not a member, and you’re not going to be a member fine, not a problem at all.

If you do like the content and you’d like to support us then please do sign up with the link get yourself a 10% bonus, and we get a little bit back from your trading fees as well. Have a great day click on the link below average FTX and I shall speak to you again very soon. Cheers, guys. Bye.

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