Bitcoin Breakdown and Top 10

For the first time since 11th December 2017, we have made a higher high on the weekly time frame. Although bitcoin and the rest of the top 10 are in fact bullish, it is important to remember to remain poised and patient. We must wait for our opportunities and when they present themselves we strike.

By Sam La Rosa -

Hey everyone, Sam here. I’m going to take you through a bit of a Bitcoin breakdown and as well as the top 10 crypto market cap. All right, so on Bitcoin here we’ve had a few. We’ve had a oh pardon me supposed to be on the daily god damn tradingview. Okay. Having a look on the daily we’ve had a nice last week was really really nice.

Okay we had a nice big move yet to see a definite pullback on the daily which is what I would personally like to see in order to have a nice little cradle off of the daily chart. But what interests me here is the weekly. If we look on the weekly timeframe, we are officially in an uptrend.

Little low, high, higher high, sorry, low, higher high, higher low, new higher high. And this is the first time we have made a higher high since the 11th of December 2017. It’s pretty, that’s pretty significant to me.

We do have a bit of resistance coming up ahead. But if I were to get a trade on the daily I just hope that it would happen sooner rather than later so I can get my one to one before that before that little bit of resistance. There’s nothing here on Bitcoin just yet for me.

The midterm timeframes are kind of steady. Although they are in an uptrend they are looking a little bit messy. We are divergent here on the four the twelve, sorry, the eight so a little bit messy.

As you can see, we just kind of pushed on, pull back a bit now we’re just grinding along and what tends to happen when we grind along is it just tends to the the analogy that Trader Cobb likes to use is to put your hands out so you put your arms out for a long time and try and hold it.

At first it’s easy, but then the weight starts to take takeover and it ends up being pretty hard to hold them up and that’s what we tend to see if we don’t get a nice pullback and then a push on. Anyway that’s kind of what’s it what’s what’s happening with Bitcoin at the moment

Onto Etheruem. Ethereum is pushed to new highs on the daily. I do like this trend here.

We pushed on past this little bit of resistance here on the daily, which is good. If I were to get a pullback it would be pretty nice to have fout hour looks okay. Where are we at the moment?

Around here. Yeah, look, there’s nothing there just yet. It needed to pull back for a trade to occur or to present itself.

Nothing really on the lower timeframes for Ethereum. So take that out, at least for now. Okay, on to ripple.

Ripple here. We have a low. High. So kind of it’s a a little bit messy on the daily as well in the mid term time frames are.

There isn’t all too much. It’s just kind of hanging around this area. Do seem to have a little bit of resistance.

There’s nothing that I would trade off just yet. It’s broke through it a few times. If they were to be something that were to develop on here I need a few more tests to really solidify that area and that week in all honesty that kind of spoils it for me.

So nothing on ripple just yet. Bitcoin Cash you’ve had a massive few days. Let’s have a look on the weekly as well.

That what was that week? A 90% move last week for Bitcoin Cash. It’s amazing. We haven’t seen those kinds of moves in a long time or to the upside anyway.

We do have an uptrend here. Much like Bitcoin and Ethereum and Ripple. It’s all a little bit too messy as well.

We have a level. Have a look. Have a look, see. Nah, nothing there just yet. 4

So until Litecoin I really do like litecoin’s trend. Would be nice to see a pullback into this old significant level of around $74 would be really nice to just see a pullback across the board in all honesty, like a nice definite pullback rather than this hovering around the certain area.

Look if that would have pulled back into the 61.8% Fib level nice more bullish candle we would not hesitate to to enter that at all. There’s nothing there just yet. Not really all too keen on the midterm to..

Yeah, and not really all too keen on this just yet. Would like to see a definite pullback here. Let’s have a look at 12. 12 does look okay.

But yeah, I would definitely like to see a deeper pull back and kind of just pushed on and.. Yeah, hasn’t really pullback deep enough for me just yet. EOS.

Let’s have a look at the daily! Really good to see these moves come again in the market isn’t it? I know you shouldn’t trade off feeling and I never do that feels different at the moment.

I don’t know what it is across social media. I’m on Reddit a little bit and seeing the sentiment kind of change a little bit it’s good to see. Yeah, much like those before it is nothing here just yet.

Low to mid term time frames is just all too messy for me. It’s needs it… This market needs to figure out what it wants to do.

I’m happy for it to push on but I’m also I’d be happier to see it pull back and present us with some opportunities. So onto Binance. So binance is just kind of just kept on going.

I do hold a little bit of it. I wasn’t in that binance Bitcoin trade. Look, there’s nothing there on binance.

The trend does look nice on the daily over. Yeah, that’s yeah convergent at the moment according to these going to these that high to that high it’s convergent but is nothing there. So on to Stellar Lumens.

Have a nice little uptrend here. But I feel like I’m a broken record that much like those before it we need to see a definite pullback. Is there anything on the lower timeframes?

Look, I wouldn’t be too keen to take anything on here. It’s kind of grinded on it’s all real to wicky for me as well. But it does look positive on the daily.

Do we have any resistance coming up? Long way to go long way to go. On to Cardano.

Jesus look at that! Massive massive day. Massive week yuck.

Did happen a while ago but it did ruin it. Let’s have look at the lower timeframes. Doesn’t look to be any kind of level at all. Yeah nothing they just yet.

And now on to TRON. Do have an uptrend on the daily. High higher low, higher high but this is old level.

Kind of a little bit too messy to be considered a level up their. Erase that. Cool. We are convergent as well.

Just good. Much like those before it there is nothing there. We have to see a pullback here.

For anything for a reason for me to enter any trades at the moment across the top 10. We have had a good we did have a good week last week. Remember to stay patient everyone.

We had a big big week. Remember to keep your bearings and stay to the rules if it trades there take it but do not try and force anything. It will bite you in the backside.

Alright, guys and girls. That’s it for me. Have a good night and bye for now.

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