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Bitcoin looks primed and ready to go if we are to break yesterday’s high. This is for members that know how to trade the cradle to make their own decision on. If you are not a member then this is a great example.

To you all: I have managed to get you all a reduction in trading fees with the exchange I have been favoring lately which is FTX. All you need to do is open an account through the link below and you will receive 10% trading fee reduction. If you wish to trade but don’t know how to use the account then it’s in the members area, I will also have a run through video series coming up for you all.

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By Trader Cobb -

G’Day G’Day G’Day ladies and gentlemen! Hope you’re well! What a week it was last week. Let me show you a couple things before I show you what I’m doing now.

And it’s not for me to tell you what to do you make your own decisions if you know what the trading strategies are because you’ve done the courses will you’ll know the order that I am going to raise right now.

Haha the orders in Bitcoin. What have we got here? i’m gonna show you Bitcoin first now because it’s just 11 o’clock. What I’m doing is I’m looking to get long. Why? Bullish candle in the cradle zone?

Am I concerned about 9000? The question I’ve been asked the most well, why would I be? It’s around number. Yes. It’s a psychological number. No, it doesn’t mean it’s going to act as resistance. Yes.

We saw selling off of 9000 last time but no, it wasn’t too bad. Look at the 15 minute candle here. It was basically done in one candle. Am I concerned about that? No. Look at the consolidation that we’ve had running through here since then. It’s held marvelously well.

You know what I look for. Bullish candles in the cradle zone. Break the high at that I’m looking long. Where are we going to from there? Well if you break the high of this candle right here we’ve got a very clear run to 10000.

We haven’t seen Bitcoin go nuts just yet it just could be our moment. I’ve got plenty of trades on the trades that I have on currently Bitcoin Cash. Let me show you! This is a perpetual contract on FTX. There will be a link in this email for you to open an FTX account it’s a margin trading account.

You can also trade spot as well I believe on there. What I’ve done is I’ve negotiated anyone who’s on this database to get a 10% reduction in your trading fee. So click on the link that is below and get yourself an account and you will get deduction in your trading fees of 10%.

Now check this out. Here’s my entry here’s my stop. Where it was my stop is now up here. Very good profit has been locked in. Yes, a great win. Yes, from a cradle, yes, this was Alan in the community.

And yes, you could have had that if you were involved. The second one here is bic.. Binance. Cradle candle right here. Yes, you would have known it. Yes for the checklist. And yes, I’ll let the community know.

Bam, good move. I’ve got my stop to here now and we continue to rock and roll. Next one, and these are all FTX tokens, by the way, because I am enjoying that platform as well. What you’ll see is you’ll have a complete walkthrough as to how to use this platform from Matt Harvs.

If you’re a member, if not, then I will be creating something there for you guys to get the hang of how to use it. It’s not a big deal. It’s not hard to use. And I will have that. So open the account, and then I’ll get you some information as to how to use it shortly.

When it comes to the Exchange token I’m looking at when did I get this one ah this was yesterday. So I not an exact cradle, okay, it’s a bullish candle. For those that have been trading a little bit longer, you’ll you’ll understand that is still a bit of a bullish candle and where it pulled back to his back into an old level of resistance.

Really nice there. I’m long there. I haven’t locked in any profit on that yet. It hasn’t hit my one to one. But I am long. Tron. Again jump back down here to the 30 minute time frame. Look at this. This was yesterday.

Pulling back into an old level of resistance little cradle candle here hang in by a bee’s dick. Very good move. My stop, well I’ve left it here I’ve got my one to one. There’s no risk on that trade at this stage in time.

I didn’t raise my stop up to here because it was four o’clock in the morning. I’m still long right now. Looks pretty good in the daily as well to be fair. Pulled back in and we got a nice little move. Ethereum Classic. This was the trade of the year so far.

I didn’t actually get it. I raised an order. I didn’t get filled and I don’t know why it must have been a bigger order or I don’t really know why I got to work it out. But look at that. I mean, look at the risk on this puppy here.

Call at 4.3 to the high I mean, that’s just ridiculous. You’re looking at a 30 to 1 type thing there. Some of the best so a lot of people in the community saying that was the best trade they have ever had.

So very very good to see that those that are in the community have done the courses are doing extraordinarily well and don’t forget there’s been a lot more going on out there. The markets are moving Ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready to move with them?

Because if you’re not, you should be. Get that FTX account open! Get your membership if you haven’t already, if you’ve got a membership over the FTX account you can see in there the videos on exactly how to use it what orders for what different market.

Sorry for what different trades set up, and it’s very, very straightforward. For the rest of you already opened an account I’ll get some information very, very soon. Bitcoin against the dollar. Cradle trade for me.

And we’ll wait and see how we go today. If we break the high of this candle, we very well could see a leg up in Bitcoin guys. Have a great day! And I’ll speak to you again very, very soon.

I’ll get this out as fast as possible so that you can make your own decisions and go through your trading checklist because I don’t tell you what to do. I just point you in the right direction. Have a good one guys! Bye for now.

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