Bitcoin Top-10 + London & Perth

When Bitcoin doesn’t do much like at the moment it’s the perfect time to trade against BTC for Sats. This is why I have scanned the top-10 against BTC to point out what I like and what I don’t.

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By Trader Cobb -

Good day everybody, hope you’re well. I wanted to let you know that, thanks for your time Adelaidians. I had a great time down there. Just starting to get my voice back. Had to have a good rest day today and yesterday. I’m off to London Thursday, midday, so if you are in London and you wanted to come along, get yourself along by jumping on the website

We’ll give you a free ticket to the CC Forum whilst free tickets to hand out are still available. So if you want to come along, check out who the speakers are. We’re talking about having Craig Wright‘s gonna be out there, Roubini, Ver. That’s gonna be a really amazing sort of tit-for-tat, bit of the fight, bit of a Battle Royale, it’s gonna be pretty sick, I’m looking forward to that. I’ll be there in a booth and what-not. A lot of good speakers, a lot of very intelligent people and you should get yourself along.

Like I said, you can come along to a one-day course before the event with me hosting it and get a free ticket to the CC Forum. So get a trot across to and get your spot before they run out. Aside from that, I don’t want to do the top ten as in, against the USD today, and the reason why I don’t want to do the top ten against the USD today is quite simply because I’d rather do it against Bitcoin. Why? Let me tell you why. Check this out. See how this chart is very messy and it’s not doing a great deal? Well, that’s opening up lots of opportunity trading against Bitcoin, to be a lot of sense.

So until we break up through this level here, technically that will be a higher low than a higher high. Okay. It still wouldn’t be too special if I’m being honest with you but, it would be more bullish. Look at the four hour, there’s not a great deal going on here. I mean, it is just a sideways market until it does something. I’m pretty much just going to sit out of Bitcoin. You’re looking at something like a Therian though. Check this out. Nice run from these lows.

Straight back up. Nice and flat up here. Gotta clear these old levels of resistance running through. If we can do that, then we will start to see these moving averages fanning out a bunch nicer. Wanna get the cyclicality going, you know? Like, think of it like a staircase. I wanna see it smoothly moving along. We’ve got some convergence an extension there on etherium, against Bitcoin would really open up some trading opportunities for me.

Just not got it just yet. XRP against BTC. Well, you can see here it’s been a pretty dense special period over the last month, in September. XRP, definitely having Bitcoin’s handle there and running quite well with some nice trending periods. It was quite messy for quite some time. Some really good trading opportunities were had. Break out back here, which also ended up being a Fibonacci booster.

So some very good games were had of that, for many of the clients. As well as, waiting now for the pull back and the four hour wanted to come in today. But it’s more likely the eight hour now. Get me into this region. Get me a little cradle cannon and I will get you, well I will get me a little slice of XRP against Bitcoin with some margin. Bitcoin cash, another one here. Higher low, higher high.

Although pretty arguably, we have seen some momentum gaining there against Bitcoin. Watching quite closely here if we get a pull back in, but it’s a little bit of resistance there. So it’s not the best of the ten. Cardana hasn’t done too badly at all, as a matter of fact. Higher low higher high, pulling back moving on. If I could get a perfect little cradle in there, I’d probably take a little bite out of that.

But for now– Look if I wake up in the morning and it’s pulled back and then it’s moved to a higher high, I’d prefer that and here’s the reason. I love trading with trends that are very predictable. This pull back in here, nice. This pull back in here, yeah it’s okay. But I like that real bouncing ball type scenario. Like when you’re a kid, and you know, you do the Mickey Mouse like sing-along, and you see the ball going That!

That’s what I wanna see. That ball bouncing along. Yeah. Higher low, higher high here on Cardana on the daily as well, starting to hold itself a little bit better than– Well likely not so good. You can see like when it’s pretty sideways there. So we’re here on the four hour, possibly a breakout starting to set up. But it’s a long way from Kansas there for me. EOS/Bitcoin you can see it’s in my watch list here. Beautiful trend.

Pull back into the cradle zone. Get me in back into those little highs, that would be a nice little cradle play. Good convergence. Check out the daily. It’s pretty much since the lows here, it’s just been grinding back. Now, I’m not going to say it’s a great trend on the daily, cause it’s just not. But it’s a market I’m keeping an eye on. Binance is just having just bit of a hard time really against Bitcoin here, holding down around those lows still.

Nothing there on the four hour. Tron had a good run over the last week or so. Rocking on. Nice– The chart doesn’t look great on BITFINEX. Doesn’t look too bad on BITMEX. Good convergence though and some nice strength back there from Tron. You can see these little gappy charts. Gap. Gap. Gap– Don’t like it on BITFINEX at all. Still a lumens. Looks pretty good in here on Binance. Check it out.

You can see a nice little pull back into the cradle zone. I know Manny will be long in that right now. Little break outs back here. Good convergence. We move to the eight as well and you’ll see that it is on this height and this height, we are convergent there also. So, it’s starting to show a little bit of character. Look at it here on the daily, it did have that big rush up, pulled straight back up.

But it has regained a lot of it’s momentum. Sorry, a lot of what it had carried through, in current momentum. So I’m not a big fan of– Sorry. I’m not a big hater of XLM against BTC. You’ll hear me quite often daily on the Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast, talking about Stellar and how, I don’t know, boring typically it tends to be. Well, we’ve actually got a higher low and a higher high now.

So it’s looking a bit better. And, BSV against Bitcoin on BITFINEX well there’s nothing there. It’s just killed itself because of that massive spike. I mean somebody paid 66 Bitcoin for one SV. Let’s see B-S-V-B-T-C, I’m trying to pull it up on something else. There we go. As you can see once again, it’s very holding in there, not doing a great deal. So there are some more opportunities out there guys.

Don’t forget if you’re– Oh, don’t forget also if you’re in Perth to get along, get your ticket, get into the website, hit the little chat box. We’ll be in Perth. So I go to London now. Come back from London, straight to Perth and I’ll be there for you guys– Sorry, with you guys for two days going through all of the different strategies. Get across to Going to have a fantastic day. London, I’m hitting you first. Perth, you’re next. Speak to you all again, very soon. Bye for now.

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