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So, What's Included?

  • The TraderCobb Crypto Cradle Trading Strategy (Valued at $499 USD)
  • 4 LIVE webinars hosted by Craig or one of his trusted mentors
  • Cryptocurrency terminology explained
  • What is a candlestick? And how to read them
  • Chart analysis -learn how to identify support and resistance
  • Identifying trends
  • Trading indicators and how to use them
  • Setting up your trading charts correctly
  • What is ‘Rules-based trading’
  • How to avoid common mistakes made by traders,
  • The importance of risk management
  • How to use margin to our advantage
  • How to develop a traders mindset
  • How and when to take profits
  • How to continue growing as a trader.

Who is Craig Cobb?

Craig Cobb (Founder of TraderCobb.com) is regarded as one of the top trading educators in Cryptocurrency across the globe. His easy to follow checklist-based trading strategies will equip beginners through to professionals with the tools and education needed to trade the markets with confidence.

Craig has been trading for 15-years in markets including FX, Stocks, Bonds and Commodities. He has left all of that behind to focus exclusively on cryptocurrency trading for the past 4-years.

Craig has developed 3 result proven checklist-based trading strategies which he, and his large community of traders, use on a daily basis. You will be given one one these strategies (the Crypto Cradle) absolutely free as part of this webinar series.  

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