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United Kingdom and Europe, we are on our way!! I will be back to the city that taught me more than any other in October and we need your help. If you have already completed the Bronze or higher we would love to have you join us on our stand for the CC Forum which will have some of the best brains in crypto. You will get a free ticket to the 1-day event I will run on the 12th as well as free tickets to the CC Forum.

I will also hook you up with something else to help you out. We would love to hang out and have you share your stories in London so please reply to this email if this is you.If you have not completed the courses but wish to then make sure you register to come along here:

By Trader Cobb -

Good day everybody, hope you had a good weekend and a great start to the week. Listen, I’m doing this video at this time of night because I’m speaking out to London. That’s right, London and Europe. We are on our way out to see you and we’ve got an event coming up. Couple things I want to ask, for those of you in the database, couple things. First things first, I wanna let you know a couple of things.

One, you’re more than welcome to come along and join us for a one day event in London whereby I’ll be going through a bunch of this stuff and the essentials. As well as the crypto cradle in detail. If you are a client already, then here’s what I’m asking, if you’ve already done the courses, I’d love nothing more than to have you come along and help out. It’d be great to have you on the stand with us speaking to other people. It means you get the count of the course for free.

It means that we’ll do something to help you out, whether that be live trading floor one on one, access to the community, I’m not sure what it is. We would more than definitely help you out if you can help us. You’ll also get free tickets to the event that is coming up. Now when exactly is the event? Well, it’s the October 12th is when we’re running the one day course. I think it’s the 14th to the 16th, that the CC forum is actually running and it’s going to have some of the best people within our space there. So if you are in London or the surrounding cities of London, anywhere in the UK or Europe for that matter, you’re willing to come along and help us out.

Manning a booth, speaking to people about these strategies, what trading crypto is and basically just having a chinwag with us, a few pints afterwards and a good time. It’s not too much pressure, it’s not too full-on with me, guys. It’s about having a good time and teaching others and if that is you, please do reply to this email.

If you cannot reply, I’m not sure if it says do not reply. Just email [email protected], that is admin, A-D-M-I-N at and what we’ll do is we’ll get in contact and I might just give you a phone call and see if it suits you to come along. It’ll be absolutely fantastic. If that’s you, please let us know. Apart from that, look honestly I’m gonna show the top 10 right here and you’ll see across the top 10, the rest of the market’s performing better than Bitcoin for the most part as you can see through here.

Ethereum and Bitcoin

No really fantastic trends. Let’s have a look and let’s be honest, obviously there’s a few markets that are up here but there’s no really fantastic trends that are in play at the moment and this is why what I’m going to do is jump across to the Bitcoin pairings against the top 10. So, the top 10 pairings against Bitcoin and the simple reason is, let me show you. There are some good trends here. Ethereum against Bitcoin, well this was kind of, I want to call it the one that got away because in all honesty, what I saw was the test one, test two, I was hoping to get a third test here. We saw convergence coming into this SNA bitcoin breakout and it just sold it on.

It didn’t slow down, it didn’t let us have an opportunity and even on these lower tide frames, I just didn’t get anything in the way of opportunity. I was watching the 30 minute as well, it just pushed straight through. When it did push straight through, I was hoping for a pullback in, I just didn’t get it. But what I can say is this, if you look at the four hour, yes higher low, higher, higher, pulling back, higher low, higher high. Let me go to these mid to– sorry.

The time frames that are lower than the four hour, we can start to see just how nice this trend actually is. And as you can see, if you look at the one hour, beautiful. Higher, low, higher, higher, highlight. Just such a shame that resistance in test one more time at breakout. I’m more than happy to look for opportunities pulling back boosts, that sort of thing. It’s a little bit funky right now, a big push up of 1.47% and so far, we’re seeing it pulling back quite steeply.

That’s what I’m looking at right now and it’s against Bitcoin. Ethereum against Bitcoin that I do have an interest in. There’s nothing there just yet but it is not looking too bad. Come to XRP and you’ll see, here look at this one hour. Beautiful! Not only is the cyclicity there, higher, low, higher, higher, higher, low, higher, higher, high. But we’ve pushed above those all, those old highs in this trend and if we go high to set the eight tower what you’ll actually notice here is quite simply we do have an uptrend! And that is very– Look, higher, low, higher, high. Jump across now, if I just jump outta here and look at the daily right now.

XRP and Bitcoin

Look, we’ve rejected those lows, we’ve pushed on XRP’s so quite well against Bitcoin and if we can breakup through these old highs, well even better yet. We’ve got some nice momentum there in XRP and it does fall into one of the categories of one of my favorite pairs of trends just simply because there’s a lot of volume there. It’s a very tradable pair. Now it’s not really too low that I’m going, I’m waiting to see what goes on here but if I was to do this for example, throw in a bit of maybe magical to boost from an archer levels.

XRP and Cardano

Let’s see what we’ve got here, we might get a triple cluster in here if I’ve got anything going. We need not that one there, that could add to here and what do we got? Nothing. Okay, so there’s nothing really there waiting to see what plays out there in XRP. Let’s move the Bitcoin cash up 3.21% obviously as you can see there.

Look honestly, there’s not much going on there. Nothing to speak of, Cardano in a similar sort of position right now. What I would be interested in, is if we broke up through this high right here. Why? Higher, low, higher, higher, high. Get that trend kicking on. The fact of the matter is, is there’s a higher low here, higher, high.

This did not breakdown through here so therefore this could potentially be our new higher low. If we do see a new higher high, as in breakthrough. Let me just it a very visual aspect for you, let me breakup through. Why didn’t that work? If we breakup through here, then we’ll also have a higher low here and a higher high. So that’s when I’ll start to get more involved when it comes to going down. I like going against Bitcoin, very average a game.

Very similar to that of Cardano. If I just draw in a level three here, we breakup through there properly. Higher low, higher high and that will be more than interesting for me. If you look at the four hour right now, nothing of interest right there. EOS has had a good move, recently pushing up 3.96% up but again if I just jump down a timeframe, there’s really nothing too much interesting.


If I look at the one hour, sure. Higher lows and higher highs. Go to the two hours, it’s not quite as clear. I wanna say cyclicity crosses multiple timeframes, I don’t have it on EOS right now. Binance has been pretty pathetic for quite some time, it has been hurting for quite some time. For those of you who did know that I got entered into this trade back here, not on, sorry not against Tether but against Bitcoin, massive run. When I go around the number, I think it was 20 or 30 something, I can’t remember exactly.

Somewhere up here, so what’s that? Whatever the dollar value is on the stats here, that was where I got out and of course, this is why I don’t huddle a lot of stuff. I do huddle some things and that’s just purely based on the fact that some tokens can pump for absolutely no reason. So my investment portfolio does hedge against that, just in case something does take off and I can triple, quadruple, or more my Bitcoin stat by 70% of my portfolio is there in Bitcoin for me to trade and do what I do because I trust myself as a trader more than I do anything else.

Well, maybe not, probably fishing and spearing. I’ve been trading longer than I’ve been spear fishing but I’ve been fishing longer than I’ve been trading, so there you go, take what you will from that. Right, now not a great deal going on, then we do some Binance tron. Another one that has pushed up 4.85% but again, look it’s a bit thin on this bit for next contract if I’m honest with you and it’s not the greatest of trends.

Stellar and Bitcoin

Stellar against Bitcoin as well, it’s been all over the shop. My goodness gracious me, a steady bleed through 2019 has resulted in some pain for Stellar Lumen holders but we did see a pop of nine and then, 30% percent followed by a very deep pullback. But the momentum has shifted back now to the bulls, the train I’ve got to be honest, it’s not there as far as interest for me just yet.


And finally, BSV, very very sideways. Very, very much chipping along. Some nice trends out there guys, XRP, one I’m watching. Ethereum Bitcoin, one I’ve been watching all day, and a few others out there. Make sure that you go through and you do your scan against the BTC pairs because right now, here’s what I’m looking at.

Here’s what I’m looking at here, I do this every single day for live trading floor. It’s against BTC to stack sat at the moment, look at how much grain we’re seeing. It’s not the green I’m interested in, it’s the trends that I’m interested in. If we look at my watch list that has been there for today, look at this, BTC, BTC, BTC, BTC, BTC, BTC, BTC. It’s about knowing where to trade, what to trade and when to trade it. The strategy will teach you one part, the scanning techniques will teach you another and if you’re in London and you want to come along and help with the event?

Oh, I’ll teach you a helluva lot more. Guys have a fantastic day. If you are in London or in that region and you want to come along and you haven’t done the courses, please, jump across to try to come dot com forward slash global and book your spot quickly. We have tacked on to the back end of an event there and there will literally be thousands of people there. So it’ll be good if you got along early because they will sell out. Have a fantastic day, hopefully, you are happy and living life and enjoying it. Bye for now.

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