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Become A Trader - Basic Education Course

Our Become A Trader course is the ideal starting place for anyone wanting to take their first steps to become a successful cryptocurrency trader. We cover the fundamental aspects of technical analysis, teaching you how to correctly read a chart, identify a trend, identify chart patterns and how we use indicators to increase trade probabilities. Understanding technical analysis and price action are essential skills needed to become a successful trader, so we have compiled and delivered this course in a simple yet effective way that anyone can follow along and learn to trade.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to confidently read a chart, and be equipped with the knowledge needed to become the best trader you can be.

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Topics Covered in This Course:

> Introduction to Trading

> Basics & Lingo

> What Type of Trader are You?

> Learning the Right Words

> Trends

> Chart Patterns

> Using Moving Averages

> Candlestick Analysis

> Multiple Time Frames

> Indicators

> Trading View – Account Setup

Become A Master - Trading Education Course

The Become A Master trading education course is a comprehensive guide to becoming a confident, risk-calculated cryptocurrency trader. This course provides you with 3 essential trading strategies to deploy in all market conditions, including; the Bitcoin Breakout, Crypto Cradle, and Fibonacci Booster, with checklists to help traders stay focused and avoid over-analysis. In addition to the strategies, we have included a short series on risk management and why it is so important to becoming a successful trader.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with 3 powerful trading strategies, downloadable checklists, a risk calculator, and all the knowledge you need to start your trading journey with confidence.

The Bitcoin Breakout Strategy

This trading strategy teaches you how to identify your entry and stop-loss locations after a period of consolidation in order to profit from the explosive moves that follow. Craig will teach you how to identify key support and resistance levels, how to determine if the buyers or sellers are in control, and how to use your indicators to increase the probability of your trading outcome.

The Crypto Cradle Strategy

This trading strategy teaches you how to time your entry into the market’s natural rhythm of buying and selling once an underlying trend is identified. We revisit the fundamentals taught in the Bitcoin Breakout strategy, then extend them to construct this consistently reliable trading strategy designed to profit from long-trending market conditions.

The Fibonacci Booster Strategy

This trading strategy is used to gain well-timed, strategic entries into fast-trending cryptocurrencies. When the markets are moving, FOMO takes over and mistakes can be made, but with this simple checklist-based strategy you will know exactly how and when to enter, with a stop loss designed to minimise your risk. This trading course enhances the Crypto Cradle strategy by teaching you an additional bonus factor to improve your probability of success in trading cryptocurrencies.

Additional Education Included:

> The Risk & Money Management Series

> Trading Risk To Reward

> Positive Trading Mindset

> Record Keeping

> Common Mistakes

> Trade Calculator