Craig’s Weekend Watch List

Well, it has been a great week for traders of margin and spot alike. I wanted to show you some trades that were taken by myself and others in the community as well as what I am looking at right now for the weekend.

You can do this, it is straight forward but will you take the steps?


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By Trader Cobb -

Good day everybody hope all is well. Okay so it’s been a fantastic week of trading if you’ve been following the rules. If you haven’t, we’ll talk about that in just a minute. It’s actually my birthday today Happy birthday to me.

And here I am providing free content for y’all. I actually love what I do. I’m going to go and do stuff in the afternoon but right now I wanted to show you my watch list and just show you what happened during this week.

First try to talk about Bitcoin 11 o’clock at night here was a candle. This is what the fill was on. I got long as it broke up through here little candle in the cradle zone and my stop loss is now been moved up to here after a scale out at around about two to one there so.

I’ve locked in profits 100% will make money on that trade which is good, very happy. It’s actually sorry it’s actually on this chart on the on this contract the Perpetual Futures Contract which is FTX, which you can get an account by the link below just below the video or above or wherever it is.

10% off your trading fees, the better one has been Ethereum, same time, same sort of setup for the first time, I’ve had the sort of conviction to take a full 1% across two trades in the same direction correlated.

Because look at the trading plan that suggests that I can have more open exposure than 2% in one direction at any given time if they’re correlated. So took this little one stop on an entry there. So let me just get some rough what are we?, we roughly 3.5% on that, and it’s moved.

Where are we now? Now I did scale out. I didn’t scale at one to one I scale at the next day, which was somewhere it moved quite well. It was above. It was definitely above two to one. So I have scaled out.

So I was not getting close to a ten to one for me I think it’s sitting somewhere around five that’s what the scale at five five and a half something along. I’m looking at it now bit more than currently open running position five a bit more than five and a half percent of my–

I’m risking 1% risk and I’ve got five times that risk multiple as it stands plus a scale out so there’s probably around about six to one if I close it all right something around that.

Anyway despite that so that’s I guess the point I’m waiting for more pullbacks, why? Great trend Ethereum’s very strong. Nothing that I’ve been looking at the lower timeframes really. But that’s been going well as well.

I’ll show another one that’s gone well. LINK perfect now why why am I showing you this? By the way? Why would I show you this? Because I don’t hindsight trade right? You guys you’re aware of that.

I don’t hindsight trade. So why on earth would I be telling you about trades that have already occurred and run because my job is to motivate you to actually do something. All right.

I’ve been showing you this sort of stuff I’ve been showing you trades ahead of time. I’ve been showing you trades after I’ve been putting it on Facebook. I’ve been putting it on Twitter. I’ve been putting it. I’ve been going live. I’ve been doing webinars.

I’ve been out there for years trying to get you guys to understand that there is consistency in what we do here. That it actually bloody well works and many of you still haven’t done anything so it’s my job. It’s my objective to motivate you to do something because you don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.

And yes, there are losing trades. I have had a losing trade this week. It was IOTA against Bitcoin, but the profits far outweigh the losses. Here’s little breakout Bitcoin Breakout trade boom I’m not suggesting it’d still be in but that’s a great move running through there.

And right today, where are we today? Let’s have a look at what I’ve gotten my list today I’m looking at LINK on a pullback, probably the highest timeframes like the eight. NEM I was looking at this yesterday I didn’t end up raising an order on this as a matter of fact.

I’ll see if we get something a little bit better. I didn’t quite get what I wanted there. And as it stands right now I’m actually going to take that out of the list. Bitcoin Cash.

This was one that I was looking at yesterday again, I didn’t raise an order I didn’t have an exact level I didn’t want to trade to break of this and I was kind of being pretty cautious.

Looking really nice now on the two hour as a matter of fact, let me just throw in some Fibs there just to see what that looks like. It’s a shame I can’t get a good Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Futures Contract to trade.

That’s looking very very nice indeed little bullish candle in that cradle zone if you know what the crypto cradle is go through your rules. See what you think but then that looks. That looks mighty fine indeed.

So that’s definitely one that I’m just gonna get out of the way. So I’m focused on the cradle. Right there. That’s one, the Kyber Network. What we’re looking at here? Just a good trend I think it was it’s yeah it’s get a bit messy now I’m going to kill that.

Lisk right here right now look at this as it pull back in. Look at the daily right here yet little bullish candle on that cradle zone I was actually hoping to get something a bit smaller than the 12 hour I was hoping for last night ended up being a bit of a big candle keeping an eye on it nevertheless.

We got NEO now blasting through really good cyclicity higher lows, higher highs moving well. Pulling back in and moving away and offering opportunity. I am waiting for one myself EOS Perpetual holding up there look at this for trend. Beautiful absolutely what we want to see.

Might have a little consolidation starting up here not amazing just yet so while BSV Perpetual holding its ground right there and I’m looking at this on the daily there is a little bullish canle in there. That might be a goal or as well.

And finally XRP has been running very well. bit messy up there with us so probably not too interested at the moment. So what is stopping you? Probably a few things probably think you don’t have the time I get it, I get it, I get it.

You don’t need to try full time, flat out, you do not need to trade full time. And you might think that it’s not going to work for you, you can do it. It’s a simple checklist based trading strategy. My objective is to prove that you can do it, show it, you can do it, you just need to do it.

It’s everything’s based on structure. It’s not a, well, here’s a here I’m going to teach you a bunch of different patterns and you’re going to get confused and not know what to do. They are literal checklists, literal checklists for you to follow. It’s straightforward. It’s structured.

We have risk calculators, so we’ve created them so that you can actually look you can actually manage your own risk. Okay, so you can see this here you manage your own risk to the percentage and the size of the account and whatnot. It’s all there.

We’ve made trading easy for you to get started. So if you are considering doing nothing and watching these videos, that’s fine, but you are not going to get anywhere when it comes to trading. If you think you could learn it on your own that’s fine.

But I will say this with absolute respect and truth you will be proven wrong yourself. And I can say this because I blew three accounts back when I started I spent the money twice I spent at once by losing the money in my trading accounts and twice because I invested in my education.

Make the right choice get involved guys. We’ve got some amazing stuff coming up. Have a look at Trustpilot go and have a look at our reviews. If you’re still concerned about if it’s going to be quality go and check it out.

And don’t forget we have a 10 day money back guarantee because why we back ourselves I know it’s bloody good. Go get stuck and have a great day and the pick for the pick of the litter right now.

For me anyway, is keeping a close eye on this here. Bitcoin Cash chart. Have a good one guys. Happy birthday to me. Bye.

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