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It’s not often I get to do a market scan with the opposite hemisphere to my own but I will be doing that today. I will be arriving in London next week for a couple of events and wanted to connect with my European audience and show you what is happening in the markets right now.

By Trader Cobb -

G’day everybody. Look, just wanting to sort of go through, have a look at the market a bit, and do it at a different time. You know, a lot of the time I don’t really get to speak to the Europeans, those in the Northern hemispheres. So, I’m in here bright and early. Got up this morning today very early.

Bad Crypto Podcast interview, and here I am. So can I just get a heads up if you can hear me, please?

Just wanna make sure you can hear me nice and loudly. Whoops, wrong one. What am I doing here? Let me just get this. I’ve just, I’ve relocated my office. So I just gotta get it all set up again, the way this wants it. All right, yep you can hear me. Good, good, good. And, I believe you are on this screen. So, I’ll move my camera so you’re not looking at the side of my face the whole time.

It’s very, very bright here. And that’s because, look, whoa. It’s because it’s spring, and, oh, the sun is up early in the morning here. It is 7:02 am for me. So, yeah, couple things, just wanted to sorta go through and have a look at the top ten for the time being. And take you through what I’m seeing. Also to let you know, for those of you who are in the US, Europe, or London, we’ll be in London on the 12th of October, as you can see here.

The 12th of October we shall be in London, then we go to Malta on the 9th of November, Singapore the 16th of November, and finally back home to Sydney on the 23rd and 24th. If you wanna know more just go to Let’s have a look at the market right now that I’m in Bitcoin. What’s it doing? Let’s have a quick squeeze here on this daily. All right. Right, we’re above 8000, so though we have broken the high of yesterday’s candle but not by a huge margin, to be fair.

Let’s jump down here and have a look at these four hour. I’m really just tryna have a look at trend. Okay, that’s, let me just clean this thing up. That’s my focus right now, is to focus on trend. And we can see here, realistically that we got a lower low, a higher high. Be interesting to see, it’d be really nice to see today guys Bitcoin break above this region here. Just gonna move lower and see if there’s any resistance in there.

There’s a little bit of a flat level starting to form here. There’s nothing tradable in my eyes, just yet. Now, keep in mind, when I trade, I’m looking at the 10 period and the 20 period moving average for cradle zones, but I need trend. I’m also looking for support and resistance levels for breakouts. That’s what my focus is going to be on, on this top 10 walkthrough. Nothing there on Bitcoin just yet. Where could Bitcoin move to?

Well, anywhere really, it’s Bitcoin. But up in the 9000 would probably be a region for which I wouldn’t be surprised. Now, don’t get me wrong, all right. I’d love to see Bit go go straight through and just carry on, on it’s merry little way. But in the same respect, I’ve gotta be realistic about what’s going on right now. We’ve got lower highs and lower lows, so we’re in a downtrend. A pullback into 9000 may represent an opportunity to get short and profit on a downward momentum. I’d love to be wrong, so would love to be wrong there.

More than anything in the world, I’d love to see this just go straight through 9000, get above this 11000, and hey ho, hi ho silver away into the ho ho ho Christmas period. But I gotta be realistic and I gotta trade what I see, not what I think. Ethereum, well this is a bit interesting isn’t it? If I jump to the 12-hour look, higher low, higher high on the 12. Let’s go and have a look at this four hour here, because we do have, okay.

Higher low, higher high, pulling back into that, cradles on there. It did run into that point, for which, if you have been following me,, just put yourself in for the free video newsletter, you’ll learn all of my socials, you’ll be aware that I have been talking about this 184 50 level. We ran into that, we hit resistance, we’re pulling back right now. Let’s have a quick little sticky big at the eight hour trends there.

How about the two? Nothing on the two. The four hour would require a bit of a wider stop. But tell you what will be really good to see, if we sort of break up through this level, through 84 fifty. fifty. And pushing on that would, that cyclicity would start to look really nice and there’d be opportunities there. Looking at EOS right now, check this out, look at this. Runs up into three dollars, it’s been resistance in the past it’s been support in the past it’s rejecting that level once again.

Of course yesterday the news of’s 24 million dollar fine. Paltry, paltry. It’s like having a bowl of Rice Bubbles and somebody takes one Rice Bubble and goes “That’s mine, naughty boy.” The fine is just 24 million dollars which is just, it’s laughable but it’s fine, it is what it is. I’m not suggesting they should have been fined more that’s not my point. I’m just saying that it’s a very small fine.

We’ve come off a little bit from that resistance price was largely unchanged by that yesterday when that news came out. Once again higher low, higher high, pulling back wanna see it break above three dollars, wanna see it set a new higher high there. Stellar’s been an ugly chart for a long time and that continues in that vein. A quick pop followed by quick dump. Is tends to be what happens and that’s why I like to trade as opposed to really hodling because, you know that is often followed that when we look at these alts.

So knowing when, you know, I’m not saying I traded through this but you know when we do get a good move it’s nice to lock in profit, move back into something else. Or whether it be Tether, whether it be USD, true USD, whether it be Bitcoin. Whatever floats your boat. Bit it’s a very average looking chart now, no real nice seculosity there at all, XRP. Now a couple of levels here, another one.

Look at this beautiful break of resistance, whoopah. Big move up, followed by back down. Now moving back up. What we have on the 12 hour is a nice clear higher low, higher high. Let’s keep moving around these timeframes having a look here. Just going through my checklists, all right. And the first of the checklists is always trend, followed by multiple timeframe and stuff.

So the main things I’m looking at is, are the moving averages in the correct order? Sorry, have they got a trend? Are the moving averages in the correct order? Do we have convergence? And then I’m looking at multiple timeframes and that sort of thing. That’s part of the checklist process that I follow. Again, nothing really there of interest there for me on the four hour or the eight but it is in my watch list I will keep an eye on it. Okay… Likewind is holding it’s consolidation down here around these lows there’s nothing of interest there.

Bitcoin cash is the same. Binance been getting a solid shellacking for quite some time now. Glad I got out there, about 32 dollars. Again that was a trade from back here as opposed to, you know hodling. Actually that was one of the ones, it was back here and I actually traded it against Bitcoin not on dollar Tether, but that was the sort of price region. Nothing right now, nothing bullish there.

You can short this on certain platforms but there’s nothing to short there either. Toron, low to low we are divergent there, cradle in the cradle, so various candle in the cradle zone. Bit average looking chart here on the mids as well. Four hours back in the cradle, nothing more to speak of. Cardano has some resistance there and I’m just gonna mark that in. See if anything sort of unfolds around that region and that’ll test, might be good, good convergence, we move to the eight.

We can see that too, if it did break up, we have a higher low, higher high too, for which we would have, sorry. Two higher lows, and then a higher high so it gets me a bit more excited about that trend. BSV has been getting an absolute burning, so not interested there either. That’s my top ten guys, don’t forget it’s trend, moving averages, convergence they are the top three things I look for when I go through my watch list. Now I’m about to, as I do every day, go through my complete margin pair trading list to see where the opportunities lie today.

Then I go through the top 150 of BTC pairings to see where the opportunities will lie today. And then I create a checklist, sorry or a watch list like what you see right here and that’s what I trade from each day. It’s structured, it’s pretty straightforward, it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy and if yo would like to come along to one of the courses then get yourself along to London, Malta or Singapore, or Sydney.

Love to speak to you there, love to meet you, take you through a bit more of what I do and I hope you have a fantastic day guys. Take it easy and, early start for me. But a beautiful day. Take care, oh, OMX 30, let’s have a look. OMX 30, oh we’re talking about… Oh OMXS sorry, OMXS 30. It’s not coming up here. So, oh that, no, no it’s not coming. Oh that’s because I’ve got that, all exchanges.

Ah in all honesty, for me, I’m looking at regulated markets right now. It’s not something of interest, it’s not a great chart is what I’m gonna say to you, okay. For me right here, not a great chart but that’s what I have to leave it at because I am a Crypto Trader and that’s what I’m going to stick to. Guys have a fantastic day, or if you are in Europe, or the UK, or the US afternoon or evening to you.

‘Cause that was the whole idea of me doing this now. So that you guys, I could get to meet you and enjoy getting to say g’day, okay. NEO against the dollar, no problem we’ll have a look at that. Where are we? NEO USD, so what exactly are you asking me to look at here? Because that’s what I wanna know. Four hour okay let me have a look here. Yes we do have, if you look at the bigger picture higher low to higher high, I mean we go from here.

If we’re gonna call that a higher low. ‘Scuse me, this is the low. Higher low, higher high, let me just see what that looks like on the eight hour. So the issue that I have and this will give you, I’m not sure if you’ve done the courses on at all Andrew but for me, I’ve gotta have two timeframes in agreement. Not just in trend but also I like to have two of the moving averages in correct order. So if I look at this on the four hour, sure it’s pulled back into the cradle zone, sure.

At the moment there is a small bullish candle that will close at 10a.m. But if I jump to the eight notice that the moving averages here, 10 is above the 20 good convergence all right. If I go to the eight hour, convergence is fine, trend is fine, but the moving averages are not in the correct order. So for me, I like to trade less frequently, take bigger positions and let those positions wind out a bit longer.

So again, for me what that equates to is trading less and being very precise on what I’m looking for. It just means less accounting, less screenshots, less management, and it suits my style for sure. But yeah it’s in the right spot, just need a couple more things to got it’s way. I’d probably be more interested mate, if we were to push onto a new higher high here.

That way we’ve got a real nice, clean four hour trend, the eight hour should have that 10 period in the right order and then I can start to look for opportunities following on form there. No worries Andrew. All right guys, I shall get back to it leave you to it, have a fantastic day and if you wanna join us. Cheers guys, bye.

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