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I have had enough with people following people due to the numbers of followers they have. Where did experience required go, where did credability go, where did being a decent human go? Social media is a horrible sesspool of folls and fakes. Be careful who you follow. RANT POST

By Trader Cobb -

G’day guys, this is really important. I’ve had enough, I’m annoyed, I’m really pissed off to be fair. I’m sick of seeing people out there following idiots. I’m sick of seeing people out there taking advice from people who have no bloody idea what they’re doing.

People that have just been in the market for a while, people that have a big YouTube following, or a big Twitter following, or whatever it is that they’ve got. That doesn’t equate to having any knowledge. I’m sick to death of seeing people, hearing people’s stories of losing money and blaming somebody else. Look honestly, what’s the point of me being here trying to help people, and other people that are good, that have experience, that comes from a background of knowing what they’re talking, what is the point of us trying to help you if you listen to the idiots that are out there, and they’re everywhere.

All these people that are doing this dumb shit. Buy the dip, you know what that says to me? It means they don’t know what they’re talking about. Buy the dip, oh okay great, what’s that mean? Well buy the dip, buy the dip, buy the dip, buy the, not everyone’s buying the dip. Because not everyone’s got the money. Learn the skills to trade, or don’t trade.

I don’t care, but stop listening to people that don’t know what they’re talking about. Look, I am fired upon this subject, ’cause I spoke to more people last night, saying, “Oh I followed this person, this happened, it’s his fault.” I said, “No it’s not. It’s your goddamned fault, for listening to an idiot.” If you have not got the foresight to start to dig a little deeper and see what sort of experience this person has, if you can’t tell by what they say, and how they go about it, about how they treat other people online, about the way they talk, about how much they swear and carry on, the joke’s on you mate. There are some good people out there.

The frustrating thing is right, I haven’t got a lot of followers. And I’m not in this for a lot of followers. I am in this to help a lot of people, okay? I’m in this because I wanted to fill a void. That void that I was hoping to fill was the void of people that don’t know what they’re bloody doing. I came into this space to trade. Now I’ve got a business in this space. I’ve got a podcast. I don’t care, okay, if you pay me money to do my courses or not. Okay, I don’t care, all right. I just do not care, right? What I do care about is what you do next. What I do care about is you having the wool pulled over your eyes, by being sucked into some stupid scheme, some crap ICO, some silly exchange.

Another bloke’s just messaged me just now, and this is what sort of triggered this frustration, and why I’ve put this out. He’s like, “I’ve lost nearly £300,000.” £300,000, that’s pretty full on, all right? That’s pretty full on. Because he got suckered. It just pisses me off that good people are losing lots of money. They’re losing it because of scams, that’s one thing, but only a very small part. They’re also losing it because they’re following idiots.

Okay, and I make no apology for saying that. There are a lot of people out there with big followings that know nothing. That are idiots, flat out fools, and I’m sick of them being there. They’re charlatans, and they’re charging a lot of money for things, I’m not naming any names, and I’m not, I’m literally not pointing this at any one individual. There is a lot of ’em, there is a huge amount of them. They’re on their high horse, they think they’re wonderful, they really believe in their own bullshit and their own hype. Now, watch what happens. Watch these people disappear, and let me tell you the next part. We are gonna see an influx, and we have seen an influx of more mature market, a market that I like to speak to. You looking at sort of 35 to 65, 40 to 60, whatever, in that demographic.

They’ve got more money, they’re willing to spend money on education, they make their own decisions, and they also take responsibility for their own actions. The people that are out there now that are going yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, bark, bark, bark, bark, me, me, me and here’s me in my shirt off, and all this absolute crap, Moon Lambos, that is going to go into the background. It has to because these people are hurting our industry. They’re hurting this space that needs to develop.

Immaturity is not gonna help this space. Pulling people down is not gonna help this space. And look I guess I’m hypocritical in saying that, but this rant right now, I am not pulling anyone down individually, I never take anybody down. There’s a lot of people that I do not have any respect for, I just don’t talk to ’em. It’s pretty straightforward. I don’t interact with them, it’s very straightforward.

But people that attack people for having a go. I’m sick of that crap, it’s ridiculous. People that, like the bitcoin maximalists, hey it’s okay, be a bitcoin maximalist, that’s fine. It’s okay, but don’t go and tell everybody to sell all their alts. Don’t go and tell people what they should be doing, ’cause that mate is you giving financial advice. And you’re gonna cop hiding for that. I don’t know what else to say, guys. This is sort of off the bat, I just don’t want you to get suckered.

I put a lot of time and effort in here, as do others that are very good in this space. I’ve been doing this for 13 years. You’ve got experience here. Why people are not able to short this market, why they don’t do it, it is beyond me. I think it’s just because they’re listening to the wrong people. They think that shorting the market drives the market down. Its doesn’t, it doesn’t. It’s a derivative of the underlying, okay. Just like if I go short gold, it doesn’t push gold down. I’m taking a bet that it will go down.

There’s a lot there in the education space. Sorry, there’s a lot of education that is just rubbish. I’m very passionate about what I do, I’m very passionate about helping people.

Yes, I’m building a business. Yes, I want to have a very profitable business. But it stems from me helping other people. This is why I do this. I don’t know, I’m really frustrated that so many people are still being suckered in. That the people that are negative, the people with the wrong information to be given, are still giving it and you’re still listening. Wake up people, it’s on you. You can listen and learn, or you can follow and fail. The choice is yours, I’m sorry if this has upset anybody. I had to say it, had to get it off my chest. I want the best for you, you should too. Take it easy, bye for now.

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