Green Shoots As The Bulls Fight!

I have spoken about the potential for the perfect bullish TA storm. Now it’s time to show you what I mean.

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By Trader Cobb -

Good day guys. As you all jump in, as I await a couple more people and drink this wonderful glass of H2O. Can you here me loud and clear? I just want to check you can hear my voice. If you can, please just type yes, you can hear me. Much appreciated. All right, so here we are. You can hear me, thank you for letting me know. I appreciate that, guys. And here I am. Hello there.

Here is the face of a man that needs a rest. Here is the face of a very excited human being. This is the face of a man who’s going to be taking tomorrow to relax because I have got the most epic, fun adventure coming up on the weekend. For those that are booked in and coming along to Sidney, I cannot wait. I literally can’t wait. I’ve been so excited to do this for such a long time. So I’m really looking forward to putting on an epic show in Sydney and then obviously Brisbane and all the other capital cities that we are going to on this tour.

I am absolutely, I’m so excited, I’m probably exhausting myself through the excitement so. Look, I wanted to talk to you guys tonight about a couple things. For those that listen to the Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast and follow me closely, you’ll know that I’ve been talking a little bit about, for a start, the weekly candle. This weekly candle’s pulled back 34% odd-ish. Yeah, just 30 odd percent, 34%. Break the high of that candle and yes, I can see us getting new 2019 highs, okay.

So I really wanna see the high of that candle broken but here’s the perfect storm. I’ve been talking about this recently quite a bit.There’s been a real lack of conviction, I must say, in the sellers. We’ve seen lower high, lower low. We haven’t seen the best of this new Now I love, I love trading periods like this. Whether it’s up or down, I don’t mind if it’s up or down. Obviously I’d prefer it to be up for the simple purpose that we all do well. And as much as Tuggy’s flying high I’m all for Tuggy’s flying high in hurricanes.

For God’s sake, you know I invest in this place too. I want to see the market go up. But I prefer to trade nice and cycled. Sorry, nice and cyclically on the mids. And the problem we’ve had is that in this most recent sort of move it’s been moved lower but there’s not been a great deal of conviction. The sellers have sort of been waning. There’s not been a huge amount of strong selling activity. And if we look at the two here, yes there have been opportunities that one may have taken, but if you know the rules, you wouldn’t have taken it. Why? That little bird is channeled right there. As sweet and as as it looked, there’s a very round number of 10,000 right there.

And yes of course, although it would have been a profitable trade, I didn’t take it. Why? Because it’s a round number. I don’t trade ahead of significant levels and psychological barriers. And there’s not much more of a significant level than going from four figures to five figures. You know 9,900 to 10,000. So I left that one alone. And then we started to pull back. We saw a new lower low. So trend was fault flowing. Pulled back in, big selling came in, and then it was immediately met by buying. And that’s where I’ve sort of seen it as well I said the green shoots. No worries Chris. You know it’s what I call green shoots.

And I’m seeing the bull starting a fight a little bit harder than the bears trying to drag the market down. Now come back to the daily and discuss it with you. For me obviously the high of this candle here is also the high of this weekly candle. So I wanna see that high taken out. The absolutely best boiling pot scenario, of full bullishness, in my view, and the way I trade. This is my opinion and not financial advice, of course, is for us to see a higher low here and then to see, I’d love to see five or six percent move higher. A strong conviction by signal, or so no signal but strong conviction buying push in. And if we can see that over the next couple of days.

I mean keep in mind we’ve got all the way ’til Monday 10 o’clock Sydney time to crack up through this level and to break that weekly candle. And if we do see that from this point out, then we will see an uptrend on the daily. We will see that weekly candle being broken to the upside. Now that is two thumbs up for one top market. And at that point, I will be very bullish again. And I will be, you know, balls deep looking for opportunities to the upside.

For now, at the last of eight days, I haven’t had that for a while. That was a very profitable, great little trade. The deep set up on the Edehower, sorry no on the Forage back here off of the $11,000 dollar mark. But I was actually at an event at that time. I think I’ve told you that already. Which is, here’s a little tip for you, if you know I’m going to an event, always do a scan because it seems to be when the market seems to give me my best trading opportunities when I actually can’t physically be there to place the bloody trade.

So there you go, a little bit of an inside tip there as far as when to be very very alert and very very aware. But right now what I’m hoping to see is I’m hoping that we’ve seen a new high or low here. Now of course that’s not going to be confirmed until we break up through the higher high but we’ve got every chance of doing that. It’s about taking little boxes. Now I’m not long and I’m not short. I am patiently waiting my opportunities.

And for me right now, if look across the rest of the top 10, which I’m about to do in just a second, you’ll actually note that much of the top 10 has outperformed Bitcoin and it’s set a bit of a precedent. Question coming in. Sustained volume and real convictions, especially absent of there, yes, but why? Deflects for next fall. It could just be the market Chris. Markets just do what markets do. And the why, the what, and the when.

Eh I’m not interested. I’m a trader. I will read what is in front of me at the time. And right now I just haven’t seen their convictions, so therefore, it’s about staying put. Not much about being a trader is getting involved. And we see a theory that rejected $200 of rejection candle right here. It’s broken the high of that project 200. Potential high alert. Break the heart the of bullish candle. Tick, tick, tick. Small ticks, again, I’m not suggesting the bullish.

Not at all. I’m suggesting the bulls are putting a fight up at the moment. We gotta eat us. We’ve actually got not so much of clear higher lower on us but has pushed to a higher her. Again, it has outperformed or performed better than Bitcoin. Still looming, a potential for a higher low here. There’s the bullish candle. Now keep in mind, as I say there’s a the bullish candle, that was yesterday. We didn’t get that on Bitcoin. We got that on a theorum.

We got that on EOS. We got that on Stella. We also got that on XRP. Now again, if we were push it above here, we would have a higher low. Coming off of what? Well, coming off of a very strong, sustained support. Now I’m not gonna suggest that we’re going to get back up to these highs. Not at all. It just suggests that bulls might be starting to take control once again. Like coming bullish county yesterday, it hasn’t broken the high, but once again, there is the potential for that higher low. Bitcoin cash. Following very close to the Bitcoin, as it generally does. But a bullish candle where Bitcoin did not see that.

Finance, not so much. Not so much at all. But again, there’s the potential for that higher low. Sean’s made a mess and one of the things that I like about Sean is the fact that it seems to weigh heavily on whatever Mr. Sun has to say do. If he’s got gallstones or bladder stones, if he’s taking a pass or taking a fart, it seems to move erratically based too much around a central figure. I’m not a great fan of that. It is a more volatile mark of the trade, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it just seems very reactive upon the outcomes of a certain individual farm La Con Don, like bullish candle, a good nearly 6% yesterday with a break at the high.

And what does this say to me? Well, it doesn’t say too much, as far as absolutes. Remember absolutes. Absolutes are the rules where I trade by. They must be as they’re meant to be. Absolutes is a trend. Right now we’ve got a lower high, a lower low, a potential lower high but also a potential higher low. Put the weekly back in that cradle under the bullish candle with 34%. Poor Blackman of course. The average Poor Blackman in 2017 old gram was about 35.75%. We didn’t get that deep but it’s an average. It doesn’t need to be so.

It’s the first decent pull that we’ve had in the week, the candle or sorry cradles . It is starting to look a little bit more like the bulls are putting up their fight. That is what I wanted to talk with you about. Now I’ve got this weekend course coming in Sydney. Then of course we go on to Brisbane. Brisbane we go to Melvin and around the rest of the nation. Now if you have not got your spot. If you’re member, let us know, we’ll give you a massive discount.

If you’re not a member, make sure you get along. All you gotta do is click on the website link, this little bad boy here. Get yourself along. You can see what you’re doing to get in that period of time. You can see the dates and if you haven’t got and you’re considering, you better get on quickly, because I’ve got absolutely full pride in saying that these are being snapped up very, very quickly. Sydney is just about at capacity. I think we’ve got two or three spots left.

And I’m very very excited, as I say, to bring it to you guys. So get on, get your spot, and come along to what’s going to be a great weekend filled with trading education as well as lots of yarns, lots of stories, lots of answering your questions and a of laughs. Gonna have a fantastic time guys. You have a fantastic day today. And look, I’m gonna be quiet. I’m gonna be doing my meditation, getting myself in the zone, so I can deliver the absolute best of my ability on Saturday and Sunday.

You have a fantastic evening and a fantastic weekend. If I don’t see you on the course, or for those that I will see, strap yourself in. It’s gonna be an absolute cracker. Cheers guys. One island. Hey listen, when you bring me there, we’re gonna go to the US next then probably over to your. So US then Europe. We’ll be there. See you there. And I need to go to sleep. Cheers guys! Get your spot. Bye for now.

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