Let’s Be Prepared For Time At Home | Trader Cobb LIVE (2020)

It’s time to work together, I have a skill set that I know you can take advantage of in times like these.

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By Trader Cobb -

All right. How are we guys? How are we hope we are all well, I’ll just wait for a few people to get in here I got a special thing to say to you guys didn’t think I’d didn’t think I’d be doing this.

But these are certainly some interesting trying times there’s no doubt about that. So I thought it would be worthwhile for everybody to take advantage of this. So I have a few more people to jump in and won’t wait too much longer. But I wanted to talk to you about the scenario that we’ve gotten our hands right now not not because I’m you know, I’m talking about what you should or shouldn’t do not at all.

I my opinion on what’s going on is really not an opinion. It’s it’s based on I know what I’ve got to do. I think you know what you’ve got to do. We’ve got to stay like is. No one else around us or as little as possible. And this would be the last time you see me in the office for a while.

Because I came in here specifically to pack things down, see, I want to get my fast computer at home so I can go off and do what I got to do from home. But in November, we did a 40% discount, letting people know they could get on at a cut down price.

I said we’d never do it again, made it very clear to my team, we would never discount again. We’ve got a valuable product. We’ve helped a lot of people to trade successfully, systematic checklist-based trading strategies.

We help you manage your emotion to make sure you’re making decisions based on logic, not on thinking about things. We don’t think we act upon what we see. And, you know, I’ve heard many people say, oh, tick TA can’t, it can’t pick moves. And you know, it can’t You’re right. It cannot possibly tell you this is going to happen.

But I’ll tell you what a cradle can do. It can point out an opportunity for you to enter a trade and the market will do what the market does, it gives us points for which we can enter. Now what we’re doing right now is to simply do this, you can go across the Tradercobb.com/join.

The link will be put in the in the chat box right now below, okay? Tradercobb.com/join we’re going to be discounting Bronze education bundle. Okay, so you get all three of the trading strategies with all the checklists, all the tools, all the walkthroughs the whole kit and caboodle for a limited time, it’ll be till the 28th of March or until 40 spots are gone.

Now. Why am I doing this? I’ve got a skill set. That you know, with many of you being at home right now, and I’m really sorry to say probably a lot of you might have lost your jobs. I yeah, it sucks. Now, I’m running a business too. And I want to make sure that my staff don’t lose their jobs. If I could just roll this out and give it to you for free. I would, but I want to make sure that I keep my people going as well.

So I’m trying to create something where it helps you guys and helps keep my guys looked after as well 40% off, you know, it’s a bloody good offer, you can trade no matter what the markets will be there, we might even have Bitcoin and crypto being the only market to trade a little while, who knows, these are unprecedented times, but it’s going to be out of 40 people only, okay, and it’s all the 20th of March, whichever comes first.

If you if you’re already a member, and you’d like to get on the Live Trading Floor, you can actually see my scans and what I do each day as I scan through the market five days a week, then you can do that too. We’re giving 40% off for a monthly subscription, or 50% off if you would like to join for the year.

Okay, so we’re doing something to help you out. And we’re asking for you to help us out. We want to create a win win situation and we have done that in the sense that my staff get to keep their jobs. You get to have something that can help to empower you to move forward and be a successful trader.

You’ve got as as the Australian government said last night, Scott Morrison said we’re locking down or we were shutting down or whatever you want to want to phrase that for at least six months. So that’s why we put this together.

Six months is a long time, you’re going to have time, you probably got time right now. And this never has been a better time to work out what your goals really truly are what you really truly want a lot of change going on right now. You got the opportunity now to do something different and it’s up to you.

I’m playing my part as good as I can, which is continuing the podcast each day, the TraderCobb crypto show is still there, doing my daily content from our community and Live Trading Floor members that’s still going on. I’m doing as much as I possibly can to continue to keep the wheels turning over.

Because I am a trader, I can trade from home. This is the time right now, where you know, this is this is the best time to be trading because we see these big events and let’s have a look at just check across now and have a look at the non crypto markets. Look at these unpredict precedented moves.

You know, this is the S&P 500 sorry the ASX 200. Huge move look at that. Here’s the ES. This is the the S&P 500 many massive moves we’re seeing massive moves all over the place. And we’re going to continue to see that insane volatility for those of you who have already learned these courses who who took the baton and ran with it earlier on, you’re well positioned right now.

For those of you who didn’t. Well, you can get well positioned now because you’ve got the time. We are seeing some some strong momentum through the market. We’ve seen some big moves right now. We’re not seeing a great deal. We’re waiting but waiting is the best thing.

We wait patiently for opportunities you learn that in Live Trading Floors it’s not about trading all the time. It’s about having a systematic non-emotional structured approach to markets, checking the boxes using the checklist. You’ve got a lifetime membership there guys and we can help you through this.

Okay. Again, like I said, this is for you guys. I want you to take advantage of this. All you have to do is go to tradercobb.com/join if you’ve got friends and family that are interested in this, please, they’re more than welcome to join in as well. But there will be limited to 40 places available on the 28th of March.

The sooner you get started the sooner the education rolls on, and the sooner you can actually start to trade in the markets, we’ll set you up with all the affiliate links and whatnot. So you get a discount on trading fees. We’ll show you how to use new orders, how to raise the orders, we’ll show you literally everything. And that’s that.

So if you’re looking for something different if you’re looking for someone to get you through at least the next six months, then we’ve dropped it by 40%. Get involved, enjoy it, and stay away from people. Look after yourself and the ones that you love, and everyone else for that matter.

Take care guys, and I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing. I look forward to joining or having you join me and my team and doing what we do day in and day out. Take care. Bye for now.

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