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It has been a decent run across most of the top-10 the last few days. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sharp pull-back. From my perspective, should this happen it may be just what is needed for me to get some more trades on for what could be a nice move following. For now I am watching Litecoin closely, I explain why in this video.

By Trader Cobb -

Good day guys, hope you’re well. I want to do a run through right now and just talk to you about a couple of things. Look bitcoins holding up in the moment, holding around at 4000 just above 4000.

I wouldn’t be surprised, or you know, to see a sharp pullback. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see us come back into the Cradle Zone quite quickly. It’s you know, it’s moved, it’s holding above 4000.

But a sharp pullback. If it did happen, it certainly wouldn’t be a major surprise. I’d see it as an opportunity to find good trades.

That being said, it could also climb up but it’s the pullback that’s going to present me with better opportunities. I just wanted to get that clear. If you do see it. Don’t panic.

Be looking for cradles and whatnot. A couple of trading opportunities lining up at the minute. We’ve got Litecoin here, I’ll show you right now on this daily I was talking about it in Market View and with the Community.

A break above this level is what I was after. A pullback retest and then it broke above really nicely. It’s just showing a bit more of a bit more gust away from that level of support and resistance that we’ve seen for quite some time.

And if we have a look at it now on the four hour, couple of Fibs down here but it’s not quite the level. Let me just get rid of those oops for a sec oop what have I done, get rid of these and really show this to you on the four hour.

You know moved in the Cradle, moved away pulled back in moved away. You know, pull back in and say $50, around this level a round number is a good thing as well good convergence on the four hour and backing up also on the eight looking quite tasty there as well.

So it’s one to keep a very close on it. If you know what the rules are with the Cradle Strategy or you’ve done the course keep an eye on that. And the other one is Litecoin against Bitcoin here. A really nice trend there and a pullback intothat region are between the moving averages that Cradle Zone would be something of interest for sure.

Back in around that 50% of the ideal really, even the 61.8 as it stands right now. So realistically it’s just about watching and waiting. A little pullback would certainly be welcomed.

I wouldn’t be worried I wouldn’t be surprised. As a matter of fact, you know, we are just holding up here at the moment a nice little pullback would give us opportunities to be looking for trades to enter into. So guys, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Come across and use the free tools at, if you want to get into some of the courses and webinars there to learn more about how I trade. If you haven’t already gone through the courses. Anyway guys, take it easy. Speak to you soon. Bye for now.

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