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First things first, you have until Monday to use the code: TAKE40 to receive 40% off any upgrades, annual subscriptions or packages.

Now, here is my full watch list for the weekend. I cover all of what I am watching and exactly what I am waiting for.
I hope you enjoy this video guys!


By Trader Cobb -

Good day everybody hope you are well if you’re not aware we have this Black Friday to Monday sale where you get 40% off everything I’m going to take you to the market in just a sec but I just want to let you know you take 40 that’s all in caps and you get 40% of anything. It’s also annual subscriptions. So yeah, let’s have a look at what’s going on out there. Want to have a quick look at Bitcoin right now.

Yes, we have rejected that candle we did not break down there was a cradle candle right there potential for a short and it’s pulled back up into the range would much prefer to see it’s too short. Here’s the reason why I look at the right thing here. I’ll draw a line through here look.

That old support got broke and I got broke. It’s not a huge, it’s not a huge thing. But I can tell you right now, that if I go to school, bearish candle over their I’d really like that. It will be very, very good.

So here we go dropping this in there’s a 38 there as a minor bonus factor, but I mean look, it doesn’t have that much relevance to be honest if there was to be trace up there, nothing on the lower timeframes to me. Am I going and looking at this trade not yet know, if we do I mean we do have an option on the floor, I don’t get me wrong. But if we can’t keep stuck here, then it’s not really of interest to me.

That being said, if we were to break above there and then pull back into this region on the lower timeframes at the four hour, two hour one hour, that may actually present opportunity for me. So for the time being, keeping an eye on this on the daily I’m trying to have a weekend where I’d do anything first time, God I don’t how many weekends it’s been since I’ve actually not had work to do on a weekend or been somewhere else in either Australia or the world.

So I’m very much looking forward to what our kids. Yep. full of enthusiasm today. They got bribing biscuits and snakes in the mouth so they’re being quiet so I’m gonna get this out and I’m going to get out of here but across what I’m seeing on the top 10 really is a bit of a bit of a pullback of course the markets just one hour into its new day that’s a Bitcoin chart.

Ethereum in the same sort of region region there looking at this on the daily and on the four hour again same sort of thing here pulling back in I want to say that the trend get better I want simplicity to come back that’s really what I’m after the I want to see a stronger trend on these mid term timeframes to make me happy to actually dive in on those lower timeframes because we are in actual fact back in the cradle zone on the daily on many of these markets here. Oh, what’s that look like

Oh, hello. Hold the phone. Let’s have a look here. That’s against the dollar. I believe we can trade Stellar. What am I doing here?

I don’t think there’s too much volume on it on Bitifenix No, there’s not. Okay no dramas I’ll just check that I’m gonna be having a little bit of other exchanges over the break as well to see if I can find some other places for me to be trading XRP again also back in that cradle zone looking nice there waiting for opportunities there.

Litecoin grinding away either four hour, simplicity comes good. All the daily swings and I might get a short there is really up in the air at the moment look I’m not really going to be focusing too much on the market this weekend. Quite simply just because I want to take a bit of a break two days off not had that in a very very long time.

Here is my watch list running through here from yesterday. Just a quick little run through we’ll have a look here. Nothing there. Ardor, Matic had a little pullback in yesterday on a four hour maybe you took that No you didn’t.

I was waiting for deeper pullback on the eight still relevant there. We’ve got Ravencoin with flat level of resistance in here looking all right. still needs to build into there. Fetch.AI pulling back into that cradle zone quite nicely but again bigger candle get me in closer give me a smaller candles really what I’m after there from there. Tierion.

I’m currently long in this position at the moment based on a 12 hour cradle from back here it’s taking its gosh darn time I’ll tell you that much but I am long. ENG back in the right area. Okay, that’s a relatively bullish candle to it’s not a small bullish gray one like back here where we saw that really good move trying to replicate that the only issue I’ve got with this is there is some resistance right there look.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom. Right so you can see that it’s definitely a area that you need to pay attention to. I was watching it yesterday. Look, check this resistance out. One two three nice breakout, it’s moved is broken through it broke through.

When I wasn’t there I was snoozing or I was doing something else. And it started to move pullbacks in their might actually represent a good opportunity. I’d like to see the simplicity pick up moving averages now fanning right move away and pull back here and get me that cradle there or maybe even a booster but nothing there right now for me.

XRP looking at this on the higher time frames like the daily and elegant is where it grew up back in that cradle zone Komodo this flat level looks quite nice indeed. Nice flat level forming there keeping an eye on that for a stop option where I can put my stop that is to get long waiting for a pullback here I’m sorry waiting for the bullish candle on Digitex Futures on the daily.

Ripio beautiful retest of this old resistance level just seeing if I can get anything in here nothing yet maybe on the daily Lambda or whatever it is pulling back not quite where it needs to be for me and we will look at Ethereum against Bitcoin here if you note one thing it’s broken through this support pullbacks into them may represent opportunities in the same with XRP if it was to break down through the support properly, pullbacks into that region could also provide me with trading opportunities.

Have a fantastic weekend guys for those that have come from the States. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. It’s your black friday today and I will be running through till Monday use the code take40 and have a great dayl. Bye.

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