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By Trader Cobb -

G’day, G’day. Just checking you can hear me. You got me loud and clear? If you can just let me know, please. Yes, yes, you can hear me by the look of it, it looks like you can. There’s always a little bit of lag here. Got a couple of things, guys. Want to cover a couple of things.

Alright, let’s do this. Hello. All right first things first, I went to an event last night in Western Sydney. First time to Perth, there you go. New experience for me, bit of an adventure. And I made it home all right. For all those of you that were there, lovely to meet you all, I really enjoyed it, actually. I had a really, really good time. A lot of really, really good questions there as well. And a much more mature crowd, which I appreciate.

And that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about a little bit here. As well as obviously, we’re going to have a look at the market. Don’t worry about that, we are going to have a look at the market. One of the things that’s really been annoying me lately is seeing and hearing- more so hearing the stories of people that have been conned. Hearing people that say, “Well, I follow this person, and this happened,” and they blame that person. Okay, that’s starting to piss me off big time, it’s your responsibility. Number one, you start blaming anyone for anything, you’re never going to have any success because it’s up to you.

Number two, is the fact that they’re listening to people without really researching what these people are and what they do. Social media is a cesspool, alright. Yes, I’m involved in it. Not in the cesspool, I’m involved in social media. One of the things that really frustrates me is that just because somebody had a lot of followers, it means that they’ve got more respect, okay? Which is just nonsense, it’s utter crap. And people are not digging into the background of these people they follow.

So I want to make this well, I just finished recording a podcast, much more angry than this conversation. Now I’ve calmed down, so I’m allowed to get it off my chest. But just because somebody, He’s a perfect analogy. I’m a fisherman, right? Boats attract boats. So you go out to the reef, you’re driving it, and you go, “Oh look, there’s a cluster of boats over there, there must be a lot of fish there.” There’s just a lot of boats there.

So people get driven towards that social proof of the, “If there’s lots of people here, then it must be good.” Incorrect. People that go out and do their own thing, find their own spot probably catch more fish. So it’s about being a leader. Look, I’ve got nothing against being on social media and learning from people. Not at all. It’s a powerful tool. And there’s some great information out there but there’s more crap than there is good. Here’s the things to look out for: One, research the person’s background. What have they done in the past? Are they an intelligent person? Are they someone who’s just lucky? Somebody who’s sitting back swearing and carrying on like a pork chop? Am I going to listen to them? No. Not interested at all, alright? And it’s not just about the swearing language, it’s about how they talk, what they talk about.

Somebody who’s out there putting other people down, have a look at what they do across the internet. are they putting people down? Are they good for the space? Are they bad for the space? Most of the stuff out there right now is really, really bad. Okay? People that get listened to a lot. They’re bad, Okay? Just because there’s a lot of people following them, doesn’t make them good. So start to think about who you’re following. Cull the people that you know now are not going to help you. This is your team. This is your network. You gotta be careful who you listen to. You can listen and learn, or you can follow and fail. Until you decide to make that decision and take responsibility for your own actions, you got no chance. You got no chance. Anyway, rant done.

The other thing, I’m gonna pull charts up. The other thing that frustrates the hell out of me is that so many of you are not trading. I can’t make you be a trader. I’d love to. And people say, “Look, I don’t think I’m cut out for it. I don’t want to be a trader, I don’t.” What I do see from these same people is they are spending time online, they are spending time looking at the charts, they are spending time buying, selling, they are spending time in the market. It’s better that you use that time well spent. You’re going to do it anyway. Learn how to do a move within these markets. But let me show you something.

Again, this comes back to the event that I was at last night. I was asked, “How was your 2018?” It was bloody awesome, thanks for asking. Because look, this was 2017. Up we go. That’s awesome, we love that. This was 2018 Traders love that. Why? Because we went down nearly as far as we went up. I couldn’t give two shits whether they go up or down. “Trading efforts rob me over and over.” Okay, Questing, do you know what you’re doing? That’s the difference. There is trading and there is gambling. Big big big big difference. Give me a reason guys. I don’t have a dialogue here. Tell me why you don’t trade and let me see if there’s any legitimacy to that.

Because you’re missing out on the other side of this coin. This market goes up fast, this market goes down fast. I know how to make money both directions. Why don’t you? Oh it really frustrates me. it’s here for you. BITNEX, BITFINEX, they’re there. They’re awesome. Well, they can be a lot better, let’s be honest. But they’ve got the ability for you to make money in any direction. It frustrates me that you’re not doing it. I can’t make you do it. But I just want to challenge you. I want you to try. I want you to get involved. No, trading. Okay Questing. Trying, uh uh. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Okay. I can try to run 100 meters in 10 seconds or I can train and train and train and get a coach and do my stretches and work hard at it. Bugger your trying. Start learning, okay? Trying is not the answer.

Doing is the answer. Too many people are not doing. Okay, here’s a good one. “I’m too scared. I don’t understand the charts and I get overwhelmed.” What’s the difference between you driving a car and not driving a car? I was scared shitless when I started to learn to drive a car. What bridged the gap between me having a coffee, speaking of the mobile phone, changing gears, you know. What changed? I was taught by somebody, how to drive a car. The only difference between where you are now and where you would like to be on a skill set is education. Dead set that’s it. There really isn’t a good learning tool or guide to leverage trading on BITNEX.

Once again incorrect. There is. You’re just looking in the wrong places. I’m not trying to be rude here by the way, I’m just, I’m being brutal because it’s really getting me annoyed that people are following idiots and they’re not able to trade. “Is there a science to trading or is it a game like chess where everyone knows what the rules are based on the setup?” TA, it’s self fulfilling. It depends how you trade. I trade with rules. I got a structured set approach with literal checklist. Literal checklist rules, alright? It depends how you set it up. I don’t have emotion in it. I follow checklists, I structure it in a way that works for me.

It’s as simple as that. Other people do other things. I can only talk the way I do it. I’m methodical. “Is BITFINEX or now, QMX,” I haven’t used QMX BITNEX or BITFINEX is fine. “I like this hard truth.” Thanks Mr. squiggle. I’m just sick of hearing people fail and they don’t need to. It’s just honest. Yeah, invest in education. “Where do I look if you want to help people.” Just go to a website And there’s there’s heaps of free stuff. There’s heaps of free stuff. “Appreciate the perspective. Where are you learning to trade?” Mate, I’ve spent 13 years trading with mentors all around the world. I’m not learning anymore. I’m just doing now. What I’m doing is trading. What I’m also doing is helping others to understand how to operate within the best market I’ve ever traded in in my life. “No one ever answers the question on how to use BITNEX.” Because it’s not a question you can answer, it’s a video tutorial.

Okay, you go along, you go short, you use stops. There you go, there’s your answer. But if you want to learn how to use it, then go get that, we’ve got that, alright? “Why does TA work?” Because human emotion plotted on a chart, that’s what it is. I mean, if you let me show you this on the weekly, right. I use the cradle zone. Now most you will have heard about the cradle zone. No secrets here. A 10 and 20 period moving average. Look, when price pulls in, it moves. In, moves, in, moves, in, moves, in, moves, in, moves, so and so on and so forth. In, moves, in, moves, so on and so forth. It’s just the way markets cycle. Each time it’s pulled back in on the 2017 run, it’s moved again.

The average pullbacks 35.25% through 2017. The average runs of the upside is 207.75%. TA work because human emotion is there, it will always be there until we have AI take over and human beings don’t trade anymore, we will not we will still see these patterns, that’s why it works. “Where are the tools, are they only on your subscription?” No, look, you can go through YouTube find it as well. I’m putting together a whole bunch of new stuff as we’re doing this tour around the around Australia at the moment, then we’re going worldwide. Yes, it’s all going to be in the members area and for those that have gone through my training you’ll see that soon, more of them.

We’ve already got videos there. We’re going to have it all in one section so it’s easier to understand and learn. But you don’t have to use me. I’m not suggesting you need to use me. Go out there and find it, okay? BITNEX has their own write down of how to do it. It’s not very difficult. Takes a little bit of time. Just trade real small and learn. Just get used to it. “I started trading crypto like the stock market, building a good portfolio and holding long term but it’s really not like that is it?” No. Another thing is, the misconception about trading is you’ve got to be there every day. No you don’t. You know, just go back to 2017. I was getting out 12/5, my last sell was 15/8. I didn’t get the top, didn’t need to. I take the chunk in the middle. Now the thing is that people have went, “Oh I’m rich, awww.” If they held a Bitcoin, they’re sitting pretty right now, But most are holding alts.

Lots are holding alts they’ll never get back because they’re crap. They’re rubbish. And basically you just funded their project, well done. Look, I got a few too. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not in it alone. But I guess my point is, even if you don’t wish to be actively trading, you got to know what to look for to get out, you got to take some profits. “Do you think TA works better in a market comprised a professional traders compared to a market of noobs like crypto?” No. Humans are humans. I’ve actually got much better results in crypto because of the insane volatility. Case in point was a couple of weeks back, one of my apprentices got, let me show it to you. I took the breakout at 8089, back here. One of my apprentices got that. Little tiny cradle trade. And he called me when I was in Noosa up here, and say, “Cobby, what do I do? I’ve got a 98 to one profit.” So what that means, and this is another thing about trading I don’t think people understand. If you want to get 100 X trade or 100 X token, it needs to have 100 times multiple the price you buy it at.

In trading, to get 100 times your reward on your risk, it needs to have 100 times multiple. So if you’ve got if you’ve got a $10 stock, And it moves $1,000, boom. There’s your hundred to one. It happens frequently, it happens often, And you’re missing out if you’re not involved in this market. All right, a couple more questions. “Any starter course for people to learn from if someone can’t afford your courses?” Yeah, there’s heaps of free stuff. There’s heaps of free stuff on the website. There is heaps of free stuff. You don’t need to pay me to learn. Okay, if you wish to, good. If you don’t, good. Up to you. There’s heaps of free stuff. Go into free webinar and free courses.

It’s all there, it’s all free. “Thanks for the feedback on the podcast. What’s worse, selling before big move up, or holding before a big move down?” I don’t know if either are worse, I think the worst thing is not learning. If you don’t learn from that then, I think that’s where the failure is. You’re going to make mistakes. I make mistakes too, it’s gonna happen. that’s that’s part of learning. Yeah, it’s gonna be learning. “Gotta get back to work.” No worries brother. “100 times longer corn.” Get long Cobb futures. “BITNEX do a simulated trading platform don’t they? Good place to start.” I’m not sure actually I just jumped in straightaway. They may do. If they do, then yeah. Have a dabble, have a play, get used to it. You got that 2 hour cradle too, Matt. Good work mate. Excellent trading. Now, let me come to the markets now because you know, if you know who I am, you’ve been following me, listening to me, you know what I’ve been saying for a long time now. We need to see a fall. We need to see a pullback. We’re finally getting it. Buybit.

I haven’t used Buybit. I know that they’ve got entry stop, and entry and stop linked orders, but I need to see better volume. Okay, so here’s the analysis. I use the BITNEX chart because that’s where I trade from on Bitcoin, look. Here’s my analysis 32, 40 blah, blah, blah. Okay, That’s how I average it all out. Now. Look, back in the cradle. Back in the cradle, the average is 35.25%. I’ve been speaking for a while now about needing that pullback. And I want it. I genuinely genuinely want it.

Why? Because the upside from the low point is 207% as an average. I want that 207% upside. When the market pulls back, when the market pulls back, yeah? Back. It gives me more confidence to trade more aggressively, to hold my runners for longer. I don’t like trading a messy market like we have had. We, I believe, truly I believe that we’re looking between 8800 down to possibly even 8000 but I would suggest, sorry, let me get rid of that. Because we haven’t had a pullback on this entire run yet, not a proper one, we’re looking at 344%. It wouldn’t surprise me at all And I would applaud this, to see a deeper pullback, a 40% pullback. So 8200, between 88 and 82.

We could even tap 8000 if we get a real big selling off. It would not surprise me at all. I wanted to see that. Do not throw your toys out of the pram, do not get nervous, do not get scared. It’s what we need. Okay? Now It doesn’t matter where this would be, the s&p 500, The Dow Jones, Euro against the dollar, Apple. A chart’s a chart. If you know how to read them. Without a pullback. If you really think markets are going to go up forever In a straight line, wake up. You’re wrong, okay? They do not work that way. You can see. We need that pullback. If you don’t know how to make money when the market falls, then you are missing 50% of what this amazingly volatile market has to offer and it’s on you. Why would you not learn to do it? It is not overly complex guys. you need a strategy, you need a routine, you need a discipline, you need risk management.

Go and work it out, or go and get someone to help you work it out. “Why do I think fibs work? Is there any book you found good?” No books are good, apart from, I like reading books on experiences from traders. I’ve read a lot of books, when I was starting out and none of them helped me. They all gave me analysis paralysis. Too many ideas, didn’t help. The New Market Wizards is a really good book. Trading in the Zone is a really good book. They’re the two, they’re my go to books because it’s more about listening to the experiences of other traders or learning about the psychology of what it takes to be successful long term. Yeah, I teach three straight trading strategies. It’s the three I’ve been using for the last, I’ve been trading with these strategies for nine years. I’ve traded across all markets, right. That’s how I’ve had a slide straight into crypto and do really well because it just works.

There’s no more to say to it. Yeah, that’s right. Knowing the strategies that I use, it does make you excited for pullbacks. Look at this market right now on the daily As it was here, right. So this high, low, high. When I saw this candle, I said “This could be a lower high.” Now, I’m not hind-sighting this, you can go and check it yourself. You can go and look through my content, I couldn’t care less but I’ll tell you when I have a losing trade, I’ll tell you when I have a winning trade, I’ll tell you when I miss the trade. All right, I do not lie, I do not bullshit. I do not need to do that. We have fallen. Okay, look at this for an absolute doozy of an opportunity, Pulled back into the cradle zone right there. Bit of Fibonacci in there as well by the look of it. Boom, right in there, guess what? Round number also, off of that level. Textbook, Perfect, strong move, profit. Cradle trade 101.

Now, I didn’t take that trade. Why did’t I take that trade? Because I was over at an event in the western suburbs. So I’m gonna talk to that trade actually, that setup. I wasn’t there because I couldn’t take that trade, because I was on stage presenting right? Bugger, Right. But it was there. And those that know how to trade the strategies know that it was there. And it was clear. You know, even if I double it to 4 hour, look. Boom, Boom, opportunity there. Could have got short. Bang, right there, on the break of that level. This is not rocket science. The difference between where you’re at and where you want to be, the bridge is education. Just do it. Okay. “Finally get to see you live, had a really good short on bitcoins, trying to buy back in.” Look, do what you will, but follow the trend for the time being. “Off the bed in Chicago.” No worries mate. And where are we going, I think we’re going lower. We’ve got a lower high here, we’ve broken this point, a lower low. Bring it on, let’s go deep. Let’s get nice and deep back into here. I want to see this at 8000 or 8200. Buy in the dip is what people say when they don’t know how to trade. That’s Okay. That’s Okay. At least you’re showing you’ve got no idea.

That’s fine. Why buy the dip? Where’s the dip? Are they saying buy the dip here, buy the dip here, buy the dip here, buy the dip here, buy the dip here. Why not? Hmm. Save your money. If you don’t want to learn to trade, then walk away from the market when it’s in a down turn. Walk away, walk away from the market in a down turn. And then wait for that to be some evidence. Now, again, you can go through and witness this. I was talking about this level through here for a very long time, suggesting if it broke up through there, we started with, we will look very strong to 6000. Higher low, higher weekly turnaround. That’s the point the order should be. not buy the dip, buy the dip, buy the dip, buy the dip.

Learn. Learn what to look for, learn to look for reversals, learn time your entries. Fired up. Fired up. There’s so much more you guys could be doing out there, doing a lot better. Yeah, so it’s important guys. “At least you’re showing you have no idea.” Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, look, if you think I’m grumpy, look, that’s fine. I’m not grumpy, I’m passionate. I’m sick of seeing people fail. I’m sick of seeing people that are not interested in learning. To tune in to what I’ve been doing for a long time, I’ve been calling these markets very accurately for a long time. Yet people are out there following somebody who’s got 100,000 people on YouTube have no idea. It does annoy me because it’s affecting the lives of you guys. It does annoy me. It really really does. And I’m not doing this as, “Oh. I haven’t got enough followers.” I’m not doing that.

I’m trying to open your eyes, for you to think logically. I see this as a business training. Start to think about you running your own business and what sort of people you need on your team. Yep. Alright, guys, look, I just wanted to get that point across, I’ve been on here long enough. I think it’s just so important for you to maybe reconsider some of the people you’re following, you’re listening to, you’re taking advice from. Maybe cull that list a bit more. Think about this, somebody who’s 55 years old has got a couple of million dollars, and these are the people that are coming into crypto now.

Okay. Are they going to be listening to some of the people that you’re watching on YouTube right now? Or they’re going to be looking for somebody who’s smart, who thinks logically and who’s got some experience in markets? If you think that person is not going to be following them then you shouldn’t be either because these are the people that are going to make the decisions for the next Bull Run. That’s a little gift for you. Have a fantastic day. Yeah, check it out. If you want to know more, find it. Tradercobb.com. It’s there for you. There’s heaps of free stuff. Don’t be afraid, okay? Shorting the market and using margin is not scary when you learn. Have a fantastic day guys, I appreciate your comments and your feedback. And hopefully we can work together in some capacity down the track. Love to you. Do well. Catch you later.

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