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Across the markets, we saw the buoyancy of global indices. After everything that’s happened, there is potential unlimited quantitative easing for the US dollar. The US Federal Reserve plans to print more money.

Do you know what this means? It means that Bitcoin should likely go up in value. Why?

One of Bitcoin’s selling-point is being a means to store value. It is similar to how the world views the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Therefore, if the dollar deteriorates, Bitcoin just might take over as the main reserve currency.

But why would the US dollar deteriorate?

Well, if you flood the market with unlimited supply of US dollars, the demand will go down. After all, it’s a supply and demand game. If the wages don’t go up to match the inflation, it’s going to breed a lot of problems.

Quantitative easing has never really done well, historically. In the past, it had made markets go up, but, it also devalued the currency in the process.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is showing strong moves to the upside.

Do you think quantitative easing will make Bitcoin skyrocket?

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