Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass
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Saturday 16 November 2019

The Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass is a part of the
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Thousands of people are leaving the daily commute behind and trading
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What's included?
1 Day Live Event 

LIVE Trading Master Class


Bonus #1 - Trading Master Class Textbook (Over 150 Pages)


Bonus #2 - Lifetime Access to Crypto Starter Online Course


Bonus #3 - Lifetime Access to Crypto Trading 101 Online Course


Bonus #4 - Lifetime Access to Crypto Essentials Online Course


Bonus #5 - Lifetime Access to Crypto Cradle Online Strategy + Checklist


Bonus #6 - 3 Months Access to Market View Video Library


Bonus #7 - Personal Mentoring Session


Bonus #8 - How To Scan The Market - LIVE with Craig Cobb


Bonus #9 - The Top 10 Mistakes Traders Make

Free Gift

Bonus #10 - Risk Management Plan

Free Gift

Bonus #11 - Post-Event Catch Up With Craig Cobb

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The Masterclass Agenda
The Crypto Trading Masterclass

How to use 3 Simple Rules Based Trading Strategies to make consistent trading profits, without sitting at the computer all day!

This course is for anyone that wants to know:

  • when to enter
  • when to exit
  • how to take profits
  • how to manage risk
  • how to use margin
  • how to profit in an up-trend
  • how to profit in a down-trend
  • how to confidently read chart direction
  • how to take action and be a successful trader

This strategy has been the key to Craig's trading success over 13 years.

You can forget the complex world of multiple indicators, hundreds of pattern names and complex combinations. We will only teach you what you need to know, and that centres around price action and fair value.

We keep it simple and focus on the key market principles, using objective thinking. Our desired outcomes are only based around the “absolutes” of the cryptocurrency markets.

That is: you can buy, you can sell and you can sit out...

You will gain a solid understanding of market flow, trend and how to build USD, BTC or ETH (to name a few).

Upon completion, you will have greater clarity, certainty and structure than most traders who have been in the markets for decades. No longer will you need to “think” you just need to follow the checklist of rules to execute and gain a trading edge.


One Full Day live with Craig Cobb:

Meet one of the most successful Crypto Traders in person and ask him your burning questions. Watch him scan the markets LIVE and understand how he blocks out the noise and focuses on his 3 simple strategies to create profits. 

Bonus #1 - Trading Master Class Textbook (Over 150 Pages)

Online material is great, but sometimes it's easier to have a hard-copy physical book in front of you. This textbook is over 150 pages with full colour charts and plenty of reference material to make sure you get the most out of the educational experience.

Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to Crypto Starter Online Course

If you are new to trading, this course has been designed in a way that even a child could walk through it.

The Starter course will show you how to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other Altcoins. We’ll show you how to move these assets between cryptocurrency exchanges to trade other cryptocurrencies that are available. We’ll introduce you to critical security precautions such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and a personal digital wallet, then show how to exchange your cryptocurrency back to your local fiat currency (USD/GBP/AUD/etc).

Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to Crypto Trading 101 Online Course 

This is your time to take action and enter into the market that has created many of the fastest and youngest billionaires since the internet. In fact, many are comparing blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency to the internet back in 1993, there is plenty of time to position yourself for the next boom. In this course you will be learning how to buy and sell, set up an account and learn the way expert traders work within this market regardless of direction to profit. See why so many before you have such rave reviews and take control of your financial future.

Bonus #4 - Lifetime Access to Crypto Essentials Online Course:

The Essentials covers everything that you need to know to plan your entry into the markets using our trading strategies. We cover cryptocurrency trading lingo, how to read trends and charts, how to scan a market efficiently, technical analysis (what’s real and what’s a waste of time), trading myths and most importantly we ask the question “What type of trader are you suited to become?”.

You will build your trading plan, learn about risk management and how to run a cryptocurrency trading business. Upon completion of this course you will view the cryptocurrency market with new clarity.

Bonus #5 Lifetime Access to Crypto Cradle Online Strategy + Checklist:
The Cradle trading strategy teaches you how to time your entry into the market’s natural rhythm of buying and selling once an underlying trend is identified. We revisit the fundamentals trading taught in the Bitcoin Breakout strategy, then extend them to construct this consistently reliable trading strategy.
Bonus #6: 3 Months Access to Market View Video Library
Access Craig’s daily commentary on the crypto markets, advice on how to improve your trading and mindset, and heads-up calls on potential trade opportunities. You will also received access to all historical scans over the past two years.

Bonus #7: Personal Mentoring session

Engage in a 30 minute mentoring session with one of the TraderCobb Mentoring team members, who have studied and perfected Craig's strategies over the last couple of years. The time can be used as your desire to improve your results. 
Bonus #8: How To Scan The Market - LIVE with Craig Cobb
TraderCobb will do a live market scan showing you what to look for and how to scan the markets. Be a fly on the wall as he sets up his watch list, and executes a trade (if he finds one worthy)!
Bonus #9: The Top 10 Mistakes Traders Make
Learn what not to do by studying the mistakes of others. A simple, but powerful read. 
Bonus #10: Risk Management Plan
Before you commence trading, you need to have a plan in place to preserve your capital and ensure that you keep your skin in the game. Our straight forward plan will help you manage your risk simply, and ensure you know when to walk away and how to re-enter the markets after a bad spell. 
Bonus #11: Post-Event Catch Up With Craig Cobb
With thousands of hours of video content and one of the highest ranking daily podcasts in the cryptocurrency space, it can be difficult to pin Craig down for a one-on-one conversation. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to catch up with Craig and discuss all things cryptocurrency (or fishing, he loves fishing!)

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Meet Your Mentor
Who is Craig Cobb

Craig Cobb made the decision at the young age of 16 that he wanted to be a trader when he made his first investment and hasn’t stopped enjoying the markets since. He has been mentored by the best in the business in London, learning what works consistently, mastering his craft and delivering phenomenal results.

Early in his trading career Craig lost 100% of his trading account three times before realising he needed to focus on managing his risk and emotions. Now with over a decade of disciplined trading in traditional markets he brings a calm, strategic, and unemotional approach to trading the volatile cryptocurrency market – something that he instills in his students.

Craig is a sought after international educator and speaker in business, trading and cryptocurrency. He also hosts the well-received TraderCobb Crypto Show that spans 100+ countries and has ranked number 1 in cryptocurrency on Apple iTunes Podcast rankings in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Belgium, France & Singapore, to name a few.

He now resides in Australia with his young family still doing what he loves, trading and mentoring other cryptocurrency traders to be the best they can be.

The Curriculum

The Foundations of Trading

⦿ What is Technical Analysis?
⦿ Cryptocurrency Trading Lingo
⦿ Technical Analysis vs Trading Strategy
⦿ What trading style best suits you?
⦿ Writing Your Personalized Trading Plan
⦿ How to read Market Trends
⦿ Essential Trading Indicators
⦿ A Simplified Guide to Trading Patterns

Mastering Price Action

⦿ Anatomy of Candlesticks - Reading Price
⦿ Moving Averages & MACD
⦿ Calculating Entries, Stops and Targets
⦿ Identifying True Support & Resistance
⦿ Trailing Stops and Maximizing Profits
⦿ Going Short (Profit in a Bear Market)
⦿ Using Multiple Time Frames
⦿ Intro to Margin Trading

Managing A Portfolio

⦿ THE most important tool every trader needs
⦿ Record Keeping Made Easy
⦿ Reviewing Trades & Personal Accountability
⦿ Risk Management Plans - Key To Success
⦿ Managing an Active Trade
⦿ Patience and the Positive Trader's Mindset
⦿ The Importance of Thinking in Probabilities
⦿ Routine – A Custom Plan for your schedule
⦿ Much, much more...

The Crypto Cradle Strategy

The most important part of our strategies is The Cradle Zone!

What is the Cradle Zone?
How do you enter the trade?
Where do you place your stops?
When do you exit the trade?
It is surprisingly simple!

We will teach you everything you need to know to start taking trades like this!

Included With All Trading Strategies

⦿ Step-by-step instructions so you always know exactly what to do.
⦿ Essential Factors Checklist - a chart must have all of these before entering a trade.
⦿ Bonus Factors Checklist - the more you have, the higher your probability of a successful trade.
⦿ Live Market Scans with Craig to show you just how easy it is to find trades in the Cradle Zone.
⦿ Plenty of example charts to help you get comfortable recognizing Cradle Trades.
⦿ Lifetime Access to our Online Course Videos - refer back to them anytime!
⦿ Trend Analysis so you always know the direction the market is heading.
⦿ Convergence and Divergence - use the right indicators for success!
⦿ Support and Resistance Examples to help keep you on track!

"You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
Joe Sabah
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