Sydney Recap + Top-10

Sydney course was a success! I thank you all deeply for coming. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you all and sharing knowledge, stories and with some, a few beers. Thanks Sydney. Brisbane, see you in 2-weeks!

So the markets….. Slow has to be the word this week. It’s heating up and building.

Here is my view of the top-10.

Brisbane and Melbourne now selling here:

By Trader Cobb -

G’day everybody, I hope you’re well! To everybody that made it to the Sydney event on the weekend, thank you so much for your time. I absolutely love you all. Thank you for making an event, that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, truly, truly deeply special. Not only did you guys all get it in the end, not only could we go through and do those live scans, and actually find some cracking trades and have you noticed a number of those have gone on to very strong profits.

Of course I wasn’t actually placing trades, because I was focused on the weekend event. But, I mean, you look at Aon, look at PIVX and I can’t remember what the absolutely perfect set up was that we used the Fibonacci purchase on the Sunday. If you can remember, please send it through ’cause I wanna have a look. It’s just slipped my mind, and for some reason it’s out of the watch list, I can’t remember what it was.

But look, it was an absolutely amazing event, you can hear my voice is cactus! That’s because, well, those of you that were there know that, I don’t think I left much… energy, that wasn’t delivered on stage. So thank you, again. It was an absolutely amazing time, and, guys, we got Brisbane coming up, not this weekend, the weekend after.

We’re in the high 30’s now, so filling up very quickly, I’d absolutely love you to come along. I’m pretty sure that not a single person at the Sydney event was left with any dissatisfaction. You all seemed to enjoy yourself as much as what I did. So thank you so much for everybody in Sydney. Let’s have a look at markets! Right, Bitcoin, well, what’s it doing? Not a great deal. Just had a bit of a spike just go through now, couple of things to note, as we did pull back into the old highs, as our low point of 34% pulled back.

We didn’t quite get to the low of this low, so 9,084 this one was 9,011, so a little bit higher, technically, yes, it’s a higher low. If you look at the weekly here, with over three days of the week, very little movement right now. We didn’t break the low of this bullish counter, so it’s still relevant for the time. Bang! What we tend to see is, after big candles, we’ll see a pull back, we already saw that.

Then, after the candles start to get a bit smaller and start to consolidate again, we often see the market continue on. I am liking what I’m seeing here, it could change, it could go lower. There’s no doubt about that in my mind, that there is definitely still potential for a further move, bearish wise, but for the time being, I mean look, for the time being it’s creeping, it’s creeping higher and it wouldn’t surprise me to see it continue to do that through the next couple of days.

Let’s look at the mid-term time frames here, because I did draw this level in just a moment ago. Of course, from the weekend, really not a great deal of activity. Some spikes, some moves, some bingin’ and bangin’, but no conviction. We do look like the sellers are starting to lose the battle on this four hour time frame. We did spike up, look how quick this happened, a quick whoosh doesn’t really mean too much to me at all. I wanna see what goes on from here, I mean we moved up, what 100 and something dollars?

And straight back down right now, so not telling me too much just yet, but we’re starting to see just a little bit more bullish sentiments start to sneak in there on Bitcoin. On to Ethereum, well no surprises, it’s kinda sticking similar to what Bitcoin looks like at the moment. Have a look through here, lets see if this level, ’cause it’s not broken like Bitcoin. To be honest with you, it’s not a level that I’m really that excited about at the moment.

A, there is not three tests and B, you know, it needs to do more than what it’s done so far. Of course, if it does break up through there though, there was a third test, but some higher lows, I might consider that. It just needs to do a fair bit more before I’m too bullish there. Of course, on the EOS, it’s very flat, has been, look at this, for the last four days. One, two, three, today’s the fourth.

EOS, Stellar Lumens

We’ve literally seen no movement, look how close those open and closes have been together. We haven’t seen that for a very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time. It’s not the most bullish of charts on the weekly here either. There’s not a great deal of interest that I have on EOS at the moment, long or short. Stellar Lumens also very sideways again, throughout the year, you know, I mean, it’s done, it’s started to fall really.

You know, we’ve gone from a sort of 72 to 15, something around those sorts of figures. But just with really hideous trends, nothing tradable really for me this year. And look at how the candle, look at it through here, it’s still relatively smooth and then the candles start to change the way they look, for some reason, we’re spiking up, we’re spiking down. Let’s have a look at that in the two hour here, look at the candles that we’ve got, I’m not sure what’s going on here, I’m not sure why that’s occurring now, but I am sure that I’m not interested in trading it.

XRP, Bitcoin

XRP against Bitcoin, oh sorry, against then dollar here. Have a look here, we’ve come down to the test, test those two levels of support. If it were to break up through here we’d have a nice higher low, a very clear higher low. Let’s have a look here, is there any consolidation going on through here? Not really, no. I’m still long XRPBTC, locked in profit, I’ll take you to that in just a minute.


Litecoin… again very average, very sideways, not a great deal going on, but a clear higher low if we were to push on, nothing more to say there. Bitcoin Cash is starting to move, would I be looking to trade it right now? No! Gotta get above that level. Gotta get above that level. We have the potential for a higher low, higher high, Bitcoin Cash might lead the market out if we’re able to see the move continue to the upside, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. Nothing there for me right now though.

Binance, TRON, Cardano

As you can see, Binance ticking along, having a bit of a decent day, 2.24%. I say decent because that is decent, considering what we’ve seen movement wise over the last week or so, not a great deal really to trade there. TRON… of zero interest to me at all. And finally, Cardano. Look, there’s no doubt in my mind that there is a consolidation going on here. It doesn’t have a level that represents anything of value to me, as a trader, trading breakout strategies.

But across the top, we are seeing opportunities crop up left, right and center, there have been some good moves. I’m just gonna have a look at XRP here. This was the trade that went out on MarketView and in the community, as a matter of fact, last Friday, before the course. Got wandered on pretty quick, pulled back pretty hard, stopped move from there to there, just a Cradle Trade, you know. Now my stop is up here, still got some room with that higher high.

It doesn’t look too bad, it looks a little bit confused. Look, to be honest, apart from when it first moved, it’s not really had too much conviction and it’s been quite messy, so we’ll see how we go. Of course we might see opportunities start to present themselves in this Cradle Zone, not for which I will be taking right now, why? Divergence on these highs, as price makes a higher high, MACD makes a lower high.

That being said, a higher low here, yep I’ll trade on my stock while it’s up again, I’ve locked in a couple of percent there and I shall continue to keep an eye on that. Let’s have a look at Populous, from the weekend guys. Very stoked, James putting the call out there, let me have a look at that one. Break out, beauty. Pull back, beauty. Everything’s going beautifully well. BAT, as well, another one here on the 16 hour.

That wasn’t from the weekend, I was watching that today and KNC’s pulled back. But, right now guys, it is a time to be patient. If you haven’t got yourself booked in for Brissie or Melbourne, get yourself along. Because, I tell you what, once we’ve edited some of these snippets and bits and pieces, last spots are gonna go very, very, very quickly!

If you’re in the community and you want to ask anyone what it was like or across Facebook, just do it! I’m not gonna tell you, take it from someone else, you’ve gotta get their view. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing those of you that are coming, in Brissie, in two weekends time. I am back, I am ready and, although my voice sounds all weird, I am very motivated to get back into these markets. Pleasure workin’ with you as always, bye for now.

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