The Path To Trading Success

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What do you think it takes for cryptotrading success? Long term success is the true meaning of the word so are you equipped to succeed long term or is your strategy luck? Be sure to subscribe at and don’t forget to share this content with everyone you know!


I want to take you through the path to trading success. This is a bit of free more content, I’m always putting out free content. You all know by now especially those of you who subscribe to the free content page where I provide you with content every second day or a couple of times per week obviously on my socials I ran you guys filled with content all the time. What I want you to understand is the path to trading success, what it takes to be a successful trader and not just somebody who can make money when everything goes up which is currently what’s going on at the moment

Now I want you guys to be equipped with what it takes a complete understanding as to what you need for success as a trader. I’ll keep it relatively brief as well so we did at the city over the next half an hour. To be profitable first and foremost, guys you need to learn to trade now I know right now this statement may not be as correct as in other markets and the reason being is that right now turkeys are flying in hurricanes are saying that I always come out with is even its how you can fly in a hurricane and this right now is one of those moments in time. Now when those turkeys stop flying it means the hurricane will have passed which means the market will have stopped going through this massively explosive growth spurt and it will become something like the Nasdaq – what tech stocks are yeah it’ll be market the trends and trades and moves and it’s not so erratic. Now if you don’t learn how to be a good trader to start off with you’re going to be exposed when that time does come.

It’s not the strategies align that the key to success because – like you can go and get my strategies, now I’ve made them very very cheap and very very accessible for everybody because I want you to adopt these in a mass-market type of produce. Not a high-end exclusive end course price, the content is absolutely high-end. What I’ve done is very very good. it’s just I’ve made it very cheap so that everybody can get in there and get this value from it because I genuinely want you guys to succeed. But when you get those strategies, it’s not just the strategies that you’re after – it’s all the other things that I teach throughout the program which is about, how to become a successful trader. don’t think it’s just a strategy, you’ve got to learn to trade. It’s going to take you some time. now the strategies that I teach and that I implement, they are very simple but they are not easy to implement successfully every single time.

There are no secrets guys, it’s just practice and learn practice and learn, test and measure, test and measure, that’s the way to success as a trader. so don’t try and cut corners taking tips fine do what you want with that I don’t really mind but if you want to actually learn how to be self-sufficient you’re gonna have to put some time into it.
Now, what is more, important here, the basics or the complexities. Now I think of it like this like sport, where it no matter where you are in the world. There is a sport that your nation is known for that that is really big in there you know.

If it’s Canada – it’s hot ice hockey, if you’re in America – it’s probably gridiron or you call football or baseball or basketball because you’re pretty good all three of those and if you’re in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or the southern hemisphere countries it’s going to be rugby union rugby league or cricket. now no matter which way you look at this, every single thing remains the same in the sense. they’re successful teams the very best is always brilliant at the basics.

So if I think about the All Blacks, unfortunately, the All Blacks alavés tide in the world. rugby union as an Australian, it hurts me to say this but they are the best and why is it.?, they execute the strategy flawlessly, they execute their plans perfectly, they’re absolutely amazing at doing the basics and when you’re good at doing the basics, you actually earn the right to get creative later on.

so it’s not all the fancy stuff that makes them brilliant, it’s doing the basics well. then you know what every now and again a bit of extra spice is thrown in there and then they do come up with some magic but it’s built on a solid foundation and that is what is most important. it’s the basics that make money guys. You’ve got two options when you’re trading – you can buy and you can sell. Now if you’re not coming back to that every single decision you make not coming back to buyer’s or seller’s and you’re missing the objective points of trading and investing.

You’ve got to have the right questions to get the right answers and when you get the right answers, you need to be able to implement something that actually gives you an action whether that’s a buy or sells that’s up to you, but what I teach of what I preach and what I do is all about objective decision-making process down to buying or selling through my checklists. Okay, it’s not fancy, it’s straight up. It’s fair dinkum and I’ll tell you exactly how it is the perfection of simplicity.

You’ve got to remember this a successful proven strategy, inexperienced hands will not make you a successful trader. It doesn’t matter what field you choose, you’ve got to start from the beginning. no matter what, we start seeking knowledge from people that have already achieved before us – this is the path of success.

I hope to be that person for you- obviously you’re listening to me now and you’re probably going to go through to my website trader

join all my social, share all my content and really become a fan of what I’m putting out and help me to achieve mass adoption across this cryptocurrency market and provide the world with a truly outstanding resource for education. you’re going to see a lot of stuff that I do and you’re really going to learn a lot from me if that’s what you choose to do so seeking out knowledge that’s me.

Just to get as much from me as you can forget about the fact that it’s taken me a long
time like I’ve been trading for 11 years, I’ve been in market since I was 16 years old,I’ve been trading for the last 11. A lot of blood sweat and tears, as well as substantial amounts of money, have gone into my education, losing money, working with some of the best in the world. I have been that I have done that. Now I can help you to speed up your process of learning by you, learning from my mistakes and may have offered that to the could they marketers explosions. we are in one of the most phenomenal places right now. Guys so much are going to happen in 2018 and I can’t wait to be a part of it or I can provide you with the strategy it’s actually you that will decide upon your success just the same ways it’s the fishermen, not the fishing rod. that is so important.

It is the person playing the guitar, not the guitar itself that makes the music. it’s the plane is that the most important – bit well it’s pretty bloody important, you don’t want to fall apart but it’s the pile that makes that plane move, that makes that plane work, that’s the important part of it. and the surgeon is the one who makes the scalpel make those incisions and fixes the people up, it’s not the strategy. It’s not the vehicle, it is you.
so one thing I want to say to you guys, is to remember the strategies alone will not make you the money unless you learn to be the best trader that you can be and how do you do that.?, you jump on a, you join my courses, you jump on my subscription service – whether it be free, whether it be paid.

Share this across your social media channels lets me grow and that gives me more potential to get to more people and at the end of the day. Guys I’ll give free content until I’m blue in the face and some days I do my throat is sore right now but it’s my objective to reach a massive audience and I need your help. So I’ll continue to provide you with free amazing content every single day, please share this if you like it and get on the next video guys thanks very much your time

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