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What a start to the year! Wow, such a pleasure to walk in and go 3 from 3 in the community.

This is a simple message to anyone sitting on the fence about trading. GET OFF THE FENCE AND LEARN NOW!

We have the checklists for you and the risk calculator so you need not be fearful. Get off your hands and get in NOW!

By Trader Cobb -

G’day all. Hope you’re well. Pretty good day so far, I got to admit. Pretty early in; we’re an hour and 40 in, and the markets open, and we’re pumping. Really good to see some good trading opportunities. Look at the top 10 here. Moving very very well and the good thing is, I’m in the money.

I want to show you through where I’ve been making money the last few days. Now, if you are a member, you’ll already know this, because a) you’ll be trading the same strategies as what I’m trading, b) if you’re in the community, you’ll have seen the videos I’ve put out, because each of them, I have made sure I’ve got them out in time for you guys to pick the trades up, if you like to look at them.

Let’s start with Bitcoin. Yes! We’ve just cracked the market; wanted to see it crack. We wanted to break above this level, we have done. Check out this four hour. It was pretty sideways for a while; higher low, higher high. Now, that brings us much better here on this daily, we look good for a run.

We look clear to 9000. Not saying that it’s gonna go there in a straight line, but we have nothing in the way that we had held through here. You see, we broke up, pulled back, found support there. This is where we were trading, but on different markets, and a good move since then. You little ripper.

It’s time to get pumped. It’s time to be active and it’s time to get in the markets. And it just seems to be that it’s just the week we’ve come back in, post holidays. Everyone’s kind of back now, we’re starting to see the engines rev up. So, let me show you where I, and the guys and girls in the community, have been making dollars. Let me show you right now.

A 12 hour. This was on Friday, before I left Noosa. This little cradle candle; higher low, higher high, pulling back. I gave my reasons why I took Alt Perp over some of the other contracts that were out there. Those of you who are in the know, will know why. Not going into that detail right now.

Of course it’s moved very well and it continues to pump 4.8% today. This is a big money trade for me. I’ve got a very good position on here, did scale out a bit. Letting it run. I’m likely going to move my stop up to just behind here to lock in some serious profit. And that’s what you can do too. That’s the beauty of it.

You know these are, because the market’s moving so much, I mean, let me show you from my entries, just how far it’s moved. From here to here, that’s 14% in the space of two weeks. You don’t get that in other markets very often. We get that in this market all the time, so with a little bit of risk, your reward multiples are huge.

So don’t think you need heaps of money to do really well here, you just don’t. Bitcoin Cash is another one. So Alt Perp was put out there in the community, guys and girls are on that with me. Bitcoin Cash as well. Yes, it was a couple days ago. Here I took an eight hour and four hour, so there’s a four hour pull back into the cradle here.

Didn’t do much for a while but now of course you can see that’s the entry here. We’re, you know, we’re pumping along quite nicely; well beyond one to one right now. Happy Happy. Should have an order to scale out there, being triggered, probably now-ish, I’d say. So, Bitcoin Cash making money too.

EOS Perth was in my list this morning. I was kind of looking at this for a potential breakout; didn’t get the third test so I could take, leave that alone. But here’s what I did get in the list this morning. This is Ethereum Classic. Now unfortunately, me, I didn’t get filled. Guys in the community did. Yeah, scratching my head on that one, but again, just the perfect trade setup, you know.

Following the simple rule, with the simple checklist. It looks as though it might have just about hit one to one now, which means no risk on the trade any longer. So again, a really nice move there. Look at Litecoin here. Same thing. Another cradle. Very strong move to new higher highs.

Guys, the timing is right. It is right now! If you have not gone through and done these courses, you need to if you wish to make the most of these runs that we’re getting. We are seeing some strength coming back into the market.

We are seeing the higher time frames, as well. Look at this daily pushing on to a new higher high. Look at this weekly; a higher low here, to a higher high. Look at this monthly, in the cradles zone breaking the high of that candle. We’re looking really good.

Don’t sit on your hands any longer. There’s a couple of trades here you could have picked up. Would have paid for the whole lot of whatever you did. You just need to get started. Don’t wait around. If we get a bull market that kicks off now, you want to be in these trades early because I tell you what, there’s a life changing money to be made.

Trading the margin, we’ll show you how to do it. We’ve got checklists for the trading strategies. We’ve got risk calculators to show you exactly how to manage your risk and how big the position you should have, given the size of the risk that you wish to take on the trade.

It’s not hard to do, you just gotta do it. So get over to Get it done and let’s get you ready and revved. Ready to go for this bull market. Please happen. Please continue. Good moves right now. Good money to be made. Are you missing out? Get involved.

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