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Bitcoin pops, alts are slow, trends are setting, and I cover the top-10. PLUS, I am heading to Melbourne to run an epic updated 2-day crypto trading course for all of you. I can’t wait for this weekend!!

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By Trader Cobb -

G’day everybody, I hope you’re well. Look, what’s going on right now is we’re seeing a little bit of a resurgence on Bitcoin, what’s it mean going forward? Let’s talk about that.

Okay, first thing’s first, this weekend, Melbourne event, two-day live trading in a classroom with me and my mentors. You’ll have plenty of people to ask questions to, and it will be brought to you live. We have two spots remaining, first come, first serve.

Whether you’re a member or not, get involved. The link will be below, so make sure if you are considering it and you are in Melbourne this weekend, get involved. Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart also coming up very, very quickly, but this weekend it’s Melbourne.

We’ll be getting down there Friday night, and come say g’day! And hear some bad Dad jokes. For those that are members as well, a lot’s changed, I’ve updated a hell of a lot of it, all right, so don’t think that you’re gonna come along and not get anything from it. Up to you, do what you will, let’s talk markets.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin. Okay, so we haven’t seen a market like this or a good few running days of positivity since back here, throughout this run through here. If you recall, for those who were following and trading within my groups and whatnot, you’ll actually have caught this one which moved wonderfully.

Got stopped out up here, made a very good – actually, that was pretty much all of my profit for the month of August, ‘cos there was a couple of trades that I took, one broke even, two losses.

Most of my profits were caught there, and I’m hoping to see some other opportunities like that again, and what I mean by that is we’re starting to see here, good run up here, smaller move, smaller move, lower high, lower low, now we’ve killed that downtrend by breaking up through here.

One candle bullish, two candle bullish, three candle bullish. Dunno what today’s gonna bring, hopefully, four candle bullish, let’s bust through 11,000.

Let’s continue on our way and let’s break above here. Why? Because we break above there, we’ll then have another higher high. All right, we haven’t got a downtrend ‘cos we haven’t broken this low, we’re starting to look a little bit better as it stands right now, and I wanna see that continue.

So am I looking for longs? You little betcha. I mean you, little ripper, yes, you betcha. Yes, that worked out much better, didn’t it? Waiting for a pull back into the cradle, the zone is quite wide because the move is quite big, it needs to slow down, it needs to calm down, the two-hour.

Look where it is right now – perhaps if it pulled back in a little bit, I might consider it. It’s not the best for me right now. What I would consider, however, would be if we got a nice little consolidation down here, little breakout type set up, something like that might tick the boxes, but for right now, I am more bullish than bearish on Bitcoin as it has had a good run up, it’s happened very much in a straight line.

What I wanna see is more like this, I wanna see these pull backs, because these pull backs are where opportunities live. Now, are we gonna see it push through? I don’t know, but I am ready, I am waiting, and I am God-damn willing.

Ethereum (ETH)

On to Ethereum now. It is trailing along slowly but look at the daily here. Lower high, lower low, beautiful cradle right there, I didn’t take that, it fit all the rules. I know many people did take that.

Why didn’t I take that? Well, its in Market View, I did a full breakdown as to why I didn’t take that, and that I made a mistake. I make mistakes too. So there’s a reason I didn’t take it, I thought, trade what you see, not what you think, if it’s not clear, it’s not there.

That’s what you’re gonna hear a lot of when you come to Melbourne and the course, that is what I’m meant to stick by, that is why it was a mistake, and that is why, ugh, bad, silly me.

A good profit there, again, we pull back into that cradle zone, we are convergent, might get a short opportunity here, although we also might, on the flip side, see this eclicity click on, if you look at the two hour, now we are back in that cradle zone.

Now would I take a trade off of here, is there any reason to? Let’s have a look. I don’t think so, it doesn’t stand out to me right here, and for me, if it doesn’t stand out, often I’ll just leave it. Nothing really right there where we are with price at the moment, no round numbers, nothing to really convince me.

Look, if it moves high, great, I can start to look at fibs, I can start to look for Fibonacci boosted trades, but nothing right now.


EOS, a mess, Stellar, a mess, XRP, it’s a mess, it needs to move to new highs.

Litecoin, I like it a lot. I like it for two reasons, one, downtrend, back in the cradle zone here, stop needs to be a bit higher, which is a bit of a shame, I wanted a short through here, just didn’t get a perfect flat level, unfortunately, as it did fall. But that’s okay, you don’t get ’em all.

What I am looking at here though is the rejection of $71, check this out, boom, pull back, will I get a trade here? Ahh you little, silly, God-damn–

Small bullish candle right here would have been tradable for me, would have got me one to one before here, if it was a small weird little candle. Doesn’t look likely at the moment. I tell you what I would love, break above $71, pull back in, give me a cradle, give me a booster, and I’ll give you some money. That what I’d be after, but it’s not happening just yet.


Bitcoin Cash, not so much interested, hate that spike. Binance getting its arse handed to it. If you can short that, looks pretty decent down here on a daily, 16-hour also not too bad. I don’t have the account where you can short Binance. Is there a flat level here?

Quick little squizzymoo. Squizzydoodah, yeah not just yet. But it looks lower to me, no trading there.

Tron, flat, not interested, divergent on the daily. Cardano, bit average, again convergent, sorry, divergent on Tron, and divergent here on Cardano, happy to leave it, and BSV is just a mess. My attention is on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin right now, guys.

Once again, get yourself along to this course in Melbourne, I’d love to see you there, it’s gonna be a bit of fun! Some new stuff added to the course, and two full days of asking me questions by raising your hand or just shouting out. And a couple of beers – on Saturday night we always put a bit of a bar tab and get to meet you all, have a bit of fun, and there’s no rugby on this time, so you won’t see me in my screaming, nutcase, go-wallaby state.

Have a great weekend guys, and obviously if you’re anywhere else in the country or anywhere else in the world, and you can’t come to these events, the online stuff’s the same, and I will be updating it in the coming months which means you’re gonna be able to watch it now and then go and watch the updated version, because you’ve got a lifetime membership.

Guys, get involved, have a great day, and I’ll see you in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Hobart. Bye. Go Bitcoin, go Bitcoin.

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