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By Adam Felsman -

Good morning! Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning! All righty. Well, well, well, I hope this slows up because what have we got here? Well, we have a couple of things. One, it’s perfect, right? And it’s exactly what I was hoping to wake up to. Let’s be honest, eh?

You know look, when markets go into free fall, there’s this strategy that I used back in the olden days during the GSE called a long bar short and it would look like that one I’m gonna break the low which we see a move it would look like that one and when it was, broke the low and see a move and now we’ve got this one now that doesn’t add anything at all it’s just a she little story I thought I tell you but I see what doesn’t could check this puppy look at that mm, I know wolf was things bad but, it’s to Bitcoin.

Check that thing out, look let’s let’s let’s talk about this as we’re friends we can talk about anything. Last time I did 11,000 number beautiful Wow now where are we 10,000 mm-hmm we rejecting $10,000 bearish can all right, that you little goddamn Ripper. I wanted to close and close now because if it did, that’s me, I will sort that I don’t care if I take a loss because that’s a good trade, and I am fighting to take that good trade we’re gonna look at a couple things though. where can we move to, you know let’s be honest we’ve got some support down around 9,000 there’s a little bit there a little bit resistance running through support support and um you know we’ve got to be cognizant of that.

That also gets us into that realm that I’ve been talking about actually to him of back into the the zone I’m looking for. I genuinely believe that we could see deep pull like we haven’t seen a single pull back in the twenty at all yet but, you know I wouldn’t be surprised to see his balance from here either but, right now I’m gonna stick to doing what I do and that’s trading the trend, the trend is down, and I’ve got an eyesore crow sitting right there in the moneymaker so I just hope it you know, it plays cool, doesn’t get too excited and we’re taking it on the to however take it on the two, no and no, chart structure so it’s great it’s definitely on the for there are no flat levels at the moment I love a flat level we may get a flat level but for that to occur, I mean, look yeah let’s draw that in there, you know a third test to be great, I wouldn’t mind trading through the breaker that needs a test again and I really needs to move back up to give that a lower high.

If I get that, I am down bunny. I am definitely down but, um would you consider that on the different extra code sounds arcing nine for 29 for, Tuesday let’s draw it in doo doo doo doo, we look at the daily timeframe right, where we going back to, 4 4 to zero, now I, see what you’re looking at there. we’ve kind of cleared it pretty happily so no, I’m not too concerned about that at all, good job.

Nene prairie mo slow down please now stop stop whoa Nellie, now this is what I don’t want to see I don’t want to see it break now. I want to see this level and they’re actually the little bit better on before next we fit from here, bang let’s hit 98 let’s come back down let’s get that lower high for a stop, I’m down for that. We’re taking a break here we’ll stop. We’ll need to be up here now, probably prefer to wait for the 4:00 hour unless we can solve that for a while but, I am, I’m very keen on this I’m very keen on getting short somewhere around here I don’t have the trade yet okay I just do not have the tweed and now for those of you who haven’t had time to look at the video I put out just recently, cut them all that I wanted to show there and watch this right now.

A lobbying Oh. Look, bottom line is this, for our crowd. mm-hmm. Done and dusted, a little bit of resistance coming up but, nothing to in so nothing too significant and it’s not precise to rewarm me I like the look of this, my problem is that term about lasts almost so I needed to open a whole new account or while you’ll have her however you want to house hey it I didn’t do that, good one Craig say, yeah but you know, it looks nice, it’s good, heõs. Now, here’s a bugger right, here’s one that that’s broken obviously, this is what I want to see on Bitcoin right, check this out one, two-minute break it on that B stick break three four it broke I didn’t get time to raise it or I got the video she got as fast I couldn’t I did not get that water that’s why I won’t be kind of slow it’s god damn self down. Lovely little opportunity there, check it out, backing it up with that for our in the cradles and this is the way we trade ladies and gentlemen.

We look for opportunities and then we double down, we go lower and see if there’s that flat little, if every single time I get a cradle like this, I always go to the lower timeframes, always, and go and we got new flat levels there.

The eighth hour or a us, it’s a little bit big more it’s not too big but for me, I wanted that and look I still might cash that, I still might get on a booster. I, if I had enough worried about getting the video out to you guys, I would have got it but, you guys are, you guys are my everything no. All right cool, let’s hold this and let’s get into the margin pairs now let’s work let’s work it.

Get that back to the for our hoo-ha, Etherium no interest there, right now I simply be good it’s already broken okay, doesn’t look too bad at all. There is again jumping to the 15. If a flat level forms, hey I’m down. But, ain’t they just yet. I so, it’s a breakout preferable over a crowd. I’m not necessarily Robert, it’s just there’s just another option. I like it when I’ve got a cradle that sets up mate and then there’s a flat level as well.

It’s a bonus fact, you’ll see in the, in the cradle rules that level I’m answering but, what I can often do as well is it if you get a little if you’ve got a cradle setup because they can break and workers bone factors for each other right so far if I’m going to short the cradle there’s a flat level well that flat level as a bonus factor. If I’m going to take a break out and there’s a cradle on the higher time, friend bone inspector.

So, if the reason I like that is because if you have the way a little more sometimes you the candle gets too big. Also, you get a nice light often you get a nice tight stop or a tighter stop on that breakout so that’s, that’s the reason that I like them. The theory I hope that makes sense my daring classics looking a bit and I think you like Queen mm had a pretty solid bounce, but look what’s back into there’s nothing maybe on the 12 but yeah that’s a long way off.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash ah looking at moving here I’m not interested in this one let some of you took this one back here or if it does start the head south you’ve got a good stop option here which means you stop will be now at break. Even the tiny stock can be the deciding factor in them that they mate it’s not like the tightest that’s not always the best option whatever the best option is. It’s just nice to have options you know, I mean I do prefer like but I really like, in most cases, so sometimes I look at the moon and go you know what, I don’t really want a tight stop here at the moment.

We’ve got a really strong downtrend so I tied us up on my cable I feel confident, if there’s enough factors in my favor. Other times, I go you know I’m happy to go for the more conservative stop of the of the cradle for example because I want to be in this for a larger move it just depends on how it’s sort of how the cookie crumbles. Now, okay I’m not gonna go to myself I’m not gonna do it to myself. Z cash, what’s that little down there, $65, I’ll get rid of that, not really me just now.

Monero, EOS

That’s a nice little, little half thin. Okay well, that’s in the PlayBook, Monero gone, bugger.. I hate em I hate Toyota Toyota too. Look that’s not too bad look at that little bit I’m not gonna call it a higher low. I guess that’s going to be in a mixed – really or – it’s gone, xip still are in that support here so I’m not too keen on that. EOS is moving sand no oh my gosh no divergent near. Oh.. no but a nice candle, that’s got to go in the list as well, right.

Nothing going to be already oh. That’s in good options around becoming gold no, no, light point back in there, we’ve gotta wait a bit longer. It’s a larger candle, I’m sort of shaking not in my head or side to side. Which generally means, it’s not clear enough so, I’ll move on no – no big big. There’s just so many options right now that I’m not going to take something that’s half-assed no here – no no no no, no your honour on Geo Theory classic, is pulling back up and in it’s a bit thin though, that’s my major concern that it’s in the right area on 12 but it is thin I’m I’m not really digging it.

Neil against the dolls building against Bitcoin it’s a penny do too thin I know. No nope thin thin thin thin thin thin thin just – chopping look look at these candles down here, up down up down, don’t want to do that bsv no bsv no back to Bitcoin hold your ground, my darling this is what I want to see now, this is what I want to see. Good get me up, brain come back down, bomb. My short yeehaw ah she’s gonna be nice to get one, will be very nice to get.

Look at, as much as I think that’s probably going to be about as much as we’re going to get, from this sort of run through here I am going to go back and have a look at these lists because I’m a good boy and I stick to my routine and you know what, sometimes it’s all just about that. Let’s not look at bond ,it’s nothing of interest there but, let’s just go away because of that quantity to call back here.

Nah, nope, still looks crappy. Okay, so let’s, let’s be realistic here again. Hi, although we broke up three here will have a higher higher now let’s see was anything there. Not yet, something yet, oh no I am gonna watch that, because historically recently, they’ve been bitcoins fallen arguing no no that’s good bitcoins going back up. I’m sorry I am a little bit probably a little bit too came to fondant for this to set up, I’m sort of Gaddy, I’m pretty sure what I’ve missed a little bit I want this one.

Yeah ,you know, historically once when bitcoins fallen on ass has gone up. Yeah, this was a fall start of the year. Bitcoin was doing very little bonds, were screaming. We get this back into an uptrend, it’s worthy you know, it’s not there yet, don’t get me wrong, with we’re not playing with that yet but, I’m willing to win to keep an eye on and, this going to be carnage, we know that. I’m not expecting too much but, no oh a, little fellow. It’s not, it’s not good enough just that.

Stop beeping computer, link now again I can I can take a pass on that. Rep no, hot no, no they’re all move their, little manner friend, just a spike though not, not not not a tradable move for me. Get that one yesterday and Jean no Komodo, still flat and then we’re gonna see it with this public on Bitcoin I wonder, if we’re gonna see anything from these alts or if we’re just gonna see a, you know I think Hawley obviously, we’ve already spoken to that, raven no even popular swing now, I wouldn’t trade that.

This is very similar to what what I was suggesting might happen back at the start of the year once the things did start to kick off. When we start to see some more volatility would probably be seeing a lot more trading against the US dollar. That is the case is MO and for me, food was gone it’s where the margin lids were the biggest margin loose. Next so, now the reason we’ve got a wonderful flat level or sort of wonderful level through here, is because, looking at this, is very solid weighs, very much their downtrend.

Remember on a reverse braid type the middle, yes technically it was the breakthrough you would have a higher low but, on something like this guys, I probably rather wait for it to break, unless it gets better Yomi late if it gets really good, then that changes things. I’m gonna I’m going to keep an eye on that because it’ll pull it a broken bar and the less that breaks from here up shoot on the pullback that could be where the opportunity lives and I’m willing away for that so, I’m going to keep that on the list.

Felix no no how odd it keeps getting smoked you’re late no bowed, bloodbath out there is no slowdown Bitcoin just hanging there my life, hanging them one little petal, it’s real hard to find an uptrend at the moment doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure you’re not surprised either. Not much surprises me these days, spike mithril bread no and we’re back at Bitcoin right let’s hit them watch because it’s quite a bit in there now and a lot of stuff for margins so let’s have a look at this XP teacher that I’ve been keeping it on all my goodness hold for me please, but here’s the thing right, okay so let’s let’s suggest that this doesn’t happen, but let’s let’s think about this it it doesn’t hold, it breaks okay are we go time because remember this is gonna this candle is actually gonna close in 44 minutes so, we’ve got a while the way all right.

I’d love to see the flat level occur now if it doesn’t occur look I’ve no control over this okay. You got to remember that sometimes it’s the second opportunity that can be the more profitable one. Case in point was, that little two hour cradle that Adam took, I took the breaker out into the to our camera we didn’t take the break. He got the bigger trade, he got the better trade, reward wise so, you know if it does break, then I pull that into here and if it sets up marvelously for a boost up, I’ll take it if it sets up with an excellent little cradle trade on the 15 hour half hour, I’ll also take it.

So just because it breaks, if I’m not in it, doesn’t mean that I want you to have an opportunity now, If we are to see this market, I’m break to new lows then obviously you know it can’t happen very very fast as we guys me know in Bitcoin. It typically does have them very very fast but, we’ve got room to continue to move a lot up ,with a lot of room, a lot of room, okay. So, if it doesn’t happen ,I’m saying this to myself as much as I’m saying it to you lot right. If it doesn’t happen, whereby, we get the opportunity to short, right away, then I’m sure that there will be more. Hopefully a number of you got that.

Let’s wait and see what goes on across the watch this, ha ha ha ha ha be beautiful. EOS, well she’s already gone, unfortunately there you go, that’s what we want to see on Bitcoin but, not right now. Z cash, mm, keeping an eye on that. Iota, give me an eye on that. Neo, that barn ants watching that level there do nothing more and next so sort of one for the the cooker for later on.

So I’m going to get off this thing because I want to keep an eye on these markets, I’m ready to go I just want to make sure I open up all the accounts I need to and be poised and ready guys have a fantastic day , I shall speak to you again throughout the day, take it easy, remember, I know I sounded it frantic this morning, I’m feeling really good. I’m going to be patient, I’m not gonna take a trade for the sake of taking a trade. I’m waiting for the exact right setup, you should too. Cheers guys, bye for now.

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