Good day everybody it’s November 17 Trader Cobb here for CRI which is crypto revolution investments don’t forget to jump on their Twitter give crypto revolution investments a follow find them on Facebook and also subscribe to the YouTube channel and for me it’s trader Cobb CO BB you can find me on Twitter as well now guys looking a Bitcoin whoo what a move I mean look I gotta say the level I was looking at on the portal for a pullback was back to around 5,000 done you know what it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get there this time I think we’re gonna have to redraw those fibs and start to look for another pullback point which is not a bad thing I just like getting really good feels you went to 50 just about 5500 on that my stress and pullback and then off we go and it’s been a very I mean gosh as far as strong moves go I it’s kind of I mean it’s not unprecedented because it is Bitcoin but it just recovered so quickly I mean you look we had you know a couple of days where we’re looking at about a thousand dollar move and truly phenomenal bouncing there so Bitcoin evidently looking very very strong the only thing right and look here’s the thing when you look at traditional markets there’s the Santa Claus rally it tends to move towards the upside towards Christmas now I don’t know if we get a santa claus rally here on bitcoin you know look back here towards rally so I’m going back to rally here I forget this is this whole huge movies only this year Oh way back here yeah I guess you know we did have a good run up into Christmas but it’s not enough data really there to give a solid analysis to be absolutely honest with you because bitcoins you know absolutely ballistic round of Fame has been more or less this year now what am I looking at what are you doing markets do this I mean at the end of day I look at this the new high here – this high then the MACD hasn’t made a new high so it’s somewhat divergent thing is it’s just an indicator indicators don’t make decisions for me sometimes they’ll stop me from entering a trade but I mean something with so much strength it’s very hard to ignore the fact that Bitcoin probably won’t take too much heed from the indicators that make sense I’m going to move the lower timeframes and look for opportunities because I know there are a number of you out there to do day trade and you know in bitcoins on a on a tear like it is now it certainly is a good mark I mean look when it moves look at this it’s just as a trend following trade I’ve been doing this for my 11th year now Bitcoin has got some of the most rapid ascension in the trends that I’ve seen and it’s the much sort of market that you know I I don’t like to short too often I just don’t I just it’s just a higher-risk trade on the four-hour I’ve been looking for a pullback pulling into these moving averages I’d actually like to see a push on a bit more I mean we’re sitting we’ve hit 8000 it’s likely to pull back but I wouldn’t want to be you know with two tests up around this level I probably wouldn’t want to be getting too heavy on the long side until we sort of break above maybe a pullback to 8000 if it does pull back a bit further you know we get back a bit deeper then maybe that the mainly show of god is coming back onto this daily right we’ve got a high here we’ve got a high here I wouldn’t be so concerned about this high now if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve sort of come up around that 8000 again and we’ve pulled back look I’d love to see Bitcoin just sort of obliterate 8,000 and if it doesn’t obliterate 8,000 I’ve been more than happy to look for pullbacks – eight thousands of trading opportunities to get long mm-hmm there right now it’s because up there I’m not looking to trade right now I’m waiting to see what it does I believe it probably will just come in there’s no basis for that comment other than the fact that Bitcoin is very very strong push on through 8,000 and provide those opportunities but right now just keeping a close eye coming back to that weekly I talk about those moving average zones that I like which is you know in here in and around that 10 and 20 pullback here move to pull back here move to pull back in got their bit more shallow this time didn’t down onto the 20-period or even in between the two but it got to that area and it’s moved again the weekly just looks marvelously strong it really does and I mean it wouldn’t be out of this world to see 10,000 hit by the end of the year really you know that the forks gone there’s nothing really in the way the Fudd doesn’t seem to give Bitcoin too many issues at the moment but let’s take away a thousand first look at pull bucks into eight thousand on those lower to mid time frames four hours down to the one and see here we go guys have a great trading day speak to again very soon don’t forget to follow crypto revolution investments on Facebook and Twitter, and also trader cobb. Bye for now.

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