Good day everybody it is trader Cobb here it’s the 12th of November and I’m just gonna come and have a look at Bitcoin now guys yet something else as well we all hope that you like this CRI or crypto revolution investments video if you haven’t seen a jump on YouTube give the guy’s a follow subscribe to that and jump on and grab them on Facebook crypto revolution investments and don’t forget where you’re at it to follow crypto revolution investments on twitter as well as myself trader cob that’s trader co BB that’s my Twitter handle anyway getting back to the charts having like a Bitcoin now obviously it’s been selling off since the cancellation of the fork from what I understand anyway I’m just looking at from chart wise it’s actually started falling and that’s that that’s the obvious thing I had drawn my fibs in two most recent highs last time I showed you guys my pullback video and where I was looking for around at 5,000 it’s actually broke to a bit of a higher high so what I’m gonna do is just just slide it up a little bit it’s not gonna make too much of a difference whatsoever I don’t think and when I look for bigger pull backs like we I believe that we are on the verge o I think we need to have it like we did back here and make here I’m looking on the weekly timeframe what I’m looking for is basically for history to repeat itself now we have a look here price pull back into these moving averages moved away pull back into these moving averages moved away pulled back in moved away pulled back you moved away and what do you think I’m looking for now correct I’m looking for it to pull back in now where is it going to pull back to and what am I looking for well I’m just looking forward to get back into this zone here the trend is still very very strong we have very strong convergence of the indicators there’s nothing cataclysmic out there that’s been said about you know Bitcoin being shut down or that there’s no reason for this trend to get ugly it’s just a simple pullback and I know that in cryptocurrency because it’s a very new market there will be people thinking the sky is falling this is needed this is what happens this is life get used to it and we pull back the three thousand last time moved on up towards 8,000 this time I’m thinking we’ll get back to say 5,000 ish even down to 4,800 you know that that’s such a decent pullback of course but it’s it’s healthy it’s somewhere in here we can’t even go as low as 4000 again I think that’s a pretty big move down I’d be more comfortable buying between so 5200 through 5000 to 4,800 with my major orders being around 50 to 250 to 500 so 5,200 to 5000 that’s how I’d be scaling my my borders on the way down and looking look if you can get some real confirmation I want a bullish candle right here in this buy zone and if I can get a bullish candle right there and that’s averages yeah I’d be over the moon and looking for opportunities to get long but we can’t prepraise the market right now I just believe we’ll get back to 5,000 the last couple of times there’s been a 50 to 60 percent full back that we saw back here like I saw back here and I do believe we’ll see the same so looks like we are underway does it look like it’s going to happen this week I don’t know I don’t have a crystal ball I’d like to see it consolidate what happened last time once we saw a dip we saw it consolidate we saw it hold 4,000 as soon as a broke 4,000 we had a quick race down to three before we went new buddy dude and took off again getting some wonderful little trading opportunities along the way just waiting to see its get down to 5,000 maybe we’ll can top consolidate at 6,000 maybe we’ll find 6,000 and bounce higher overall though I do believe we will see retracement back to 5,000 so guys that’s my Bitcoin analysis it is Sunday the 12th of November don’t forget to follow crypto revolution investments on YouTube give them a subscribe and follow myself trader Cobb Co BB on Twitter have yourself a fantastic Sunday bye for now.

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