Good day ladies and gentlemen it’s trader Cobb here the 30th of October due to the success of the last technical strategy breakdown video that I did I’ve been asked some other opportunities for you guys to learn a little bit about what to look for and one of the things I’ve been asked is how do you enter a trade like into a market that’s moving now bitcoins a market that’s moving at the moment obviously and there’s no reason to believe we won’t seen a little bit of push up where to I don’t know but we’ve pushed on the new highs it was getting a bit rocky through here we’ve seen a higher low higher low and our higher highs that trend is recommend so how to actually trade in a strong market well one of the strategies that I put together and then I trade from and you can follow me again on that twitter at @trader Cobb Co BB so you can follow me on twitter @trader Cobb to get some more bits and pieces for my analysis but nice trend here I really like that I move down to the lower timeframes looking at the 4-hour here if you see the 4-hour you’ll start to see that these moving average is starting to fan I like to see the 10 to 20 Fanning think of Fanning like two fingers that will holding your hand and if you hold your hand out spread your five fingers you’ll notice that there’s a relatively similar distance between all your fingers forget your thumb because the thumb not a finger what I want to see there is the indicators doing the same what I also see on the MACD here is price as prices mode a new higher high in this trend so to as the MACD that’s called MACD convergence it’s converging with the price action which means it’s agreeing with price therefore I see the potential for some further momentum because of this I keep moving down the timeframes looking to see if I can find my opportunity to trade the two hour here I’m looking for a nice horizontal level the two hour here you can see right now starting to get consolidating into you know I like it when it’s in around these moving averages it is there it’s there on the 4-hour I’m gonna move down to the 15-minute timeframe now and what you can actually see is what I love it’s a little baby breakout setting up test 1 test 2 test 3 test 4 resistance is set higher lows coming up into the breakout moving averages starting to fan MACD you can see it starting to curve back up now really really like that how do trade this well this is what I would look to do I’m not saying to do this yourself I’m suggesting this is what I’ll be doing entries it breaks above the high of this resistance level stop below the low of this little low here what I look to do is scale out at a one-to-one and leave the rest to run on maybe up to about 7000 if I can get it so what I do is I close or enter the trade say I take a ten Bitcoin position just to be you know make it a round number that means ten Bitcoin of rest risk whatever the distance between my entry and my stop-loss Plus spread I add on for my one-to-one which is going to be roughly about I’m just gonna do it rough cause I want to get this out before breaks up around here somewhere notice it’s a little bit further that’s because I’m taking into account the spread the difference between the bid and the ask first target will be here the second target as I say I’ll be looking to trail my stop but not trail my stop in the sense where I haven’t automated trailing stop because that’s for amateurs I’ll be looking to trail my stop underneath swings so for example if talking about a breakout back here which we saw as price makes a new high I’ll move my stop loss from where it would have been down here to up here then as it moves up I’ll continue to trail my stop-loss underneath those swings now we’re about to break out here my stops can be below here my entry is gonna be here I’m going to close half will have an order in to close half of my position at about 1 to 1 that means the second half of my position ie the other 5 bitcoins that I don’t sell I will then have a free trade so if it does come back and stop me out all lost nothing that way I can leave the position on and I can have a much larger target because we all know how Bitcoin can move and look to take a bigger chunk of the move risk free once I get to one to one guys follow me on Twitter trader Cobb Co BB and I’ll get this video out nice and quick so hopefully it gets to you before it actually breaks out good evening guys take care bye for now.

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