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We have been working hard on the TraderCobb education, website and members area, putting together experiences that will help you become the best trader you can be. In this session I will cover what we have been working on and what you can expect in the 2-day classroom events!

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By Trader Cobb -

Good day everybody, we’re waiting for a few more people to come in. Just do a quick sound check, if you don’t mind. If you can let me know that you can hear me, then that would be superb. Just shoot a message if you can hear me. Mega Speargun, cool name. Good evening.

Good evening and good morning to those of you in different parts of the world, obviously. I’m pretty excited as to what’s coming up this weekend. It’s been, I think about eight or nine years since I’ve actually been on stage and presenting something. Which is really cool, you know. This time I’ve got two full days with everybody whose coming to Sydney to really go through everything in detail, answer your questions, meet you all, and just have a hell time. I really, really can’t wait.

Alright cool, so it looks like, it looks like you’ve got me loud and clear. Now what I want to kick off with is this. So, I’m gonna pop myself up here. Hello everybody. I’m not gonna make this too long, but what I want to to discuss here is a couple things I’m seeing in the market right now. Just so that we’re all clear and aware of what I see as being the ultimate perfect case scenario. And I’m gonna focus mostly on Bitcoin right now. Simple reason is that Bitcoin is the moves and the rest of the alts are effectively just following Bitcoin. Which doesn’t really come as any form of surprise. So, let’s have a look here. You may have heard me talking last week to this weekly candle, alright. I’ve been talking to that weekly candle for quite some time, you’ll note. Here’s a pull back, pull back, pull back, pull back, pull back.

We really haven’t had a proper one just yet, of course. Once again, I’ve got a tatch on the fact that- if I hit the XBT contract actually, you’ll note the average is 35% pull back, okay. So, the thing is that we haven’t had 35%, we’re not far off it though. Let’s have a look. You know, it’s in about 34% in that pull back. This could very well be the deepest pull back that we get for the, like, high. It very well could be. And if we do break the high of that weekly candle, I can certainly see a new 2019 all-time high. New 2019 highs are being achieved relatively quickly. It’s just the nature of the market. It does move hard, it does move fast. So, that weekly candle.

The high of that weekly candle on the XBT contract on BITMEX is 11,112. Why couldn’t it just be one-one-one-one-one-one? One-one-one-one-one-one, yeah . Well, I don’t know. Anywho, I’d love to see a pull back a little bit deeper, alright. Now here’s a scenario that I really wanna see play out. And this would get me very bullish, alright. Very, very bullish indeed. Overall big picture, yes, I’m bullish. Short term right now, well, it’s just a bit choppy. Look at how the candles are getting really, really big. I teach this in the course. Then, once the candles start to get big, it’s likely when you see that retrace but when you see that pull back.

I’ve been calling for a pull back for a long time, it finally did manage to get one. Now what I like to see is this move just down a little bit further. Maybe there’s nine-eight, nine-seven, nine-six. And then, start to climb back up. And here’s the reason why: If we were to see that occur we would have, if we broke up through the high of this candle, which is the one-one-one-two, one-one-one-one-two level, which is also the high of the weekly candle, we’d have a reversal trend on the daily into an uptrend. As well as breaking the high of that weekly candle as well. So it’s a really, really good one if that was to occur. We’ve still got the rest of the way to do it. I’d love to see that, that would really, really be swell.

It would give us a lot more opportunity. If I look at the lower time frames, now it’s not really got that much cyclicity. It’s a little bit sticky, a little bit caught up. We did have a nice move into 11,000 where there was a crypto cradle trade, a short withtake, and I did not take that. I was at the vet. I did take this one, I did get stocked out. I’m looking at this chart currently, now. Although there is a lower high and a lower low, the cyclicity is not great. The movement is not- it’s not superb, you know. You look at this: where am I gonna trade here? You know, it’s pulled back but it didn’t pull back and give me the cradle. It’s not quite giving me enough.

I just quickly show the two-hour on many of these other charts. Ethereum’s the same is not quite good enough. It’s just not backing itself, there’s no conviction in the selling, really. No strong conviction just yet. And that’s sort of why I’m sort of holding back. Litecoin was my preference this morning, it just didn’t get that small bearish candle that I was after. That’s why I think that a little bit more downside with the slow meandering market so far. I think you know, some solid upside could follow that if we were to see as I say, you know if we were to see bitcoin then go ahead and set a higher low to going to an uptrend. That’s where bitcoins at, that’s where the market’s at, at the moment. Just to bring you into a little bit of information about these two day courses that I’m running around the country, wanted to talk to you about that.

Because I know a lot of people are asking questions about, they’re asking what’s new. Is there anything new? And yes the truth of the matter is there is a lot of new stuff. A lot of the examples, not all of them I’ve redone, so I’ll be challenging once again. Better examples are available I’ve been doing it for a longer period of time of course, when I wrote these courses back in December of 2017 I’d only been training for a few months, I’ve been training markets for 12 years nothings really changed in that regard. But there’s a few little nuances that I’ve found that I can bring into this. So of course we go through the essentials course, the bitcoin breakout, the crypto cradle and the Fibonacci booster.

But it’s not just that that you get, you know, you receive a huge amount more in the sense of risk management. Meeting the people that are in the rooms. You’ve got your own little trading community. You can see, I’m going through the slides here with you. There’s a whole lot of information, assessing trends, you do a lot of the work. On your turn, your turn. There’s a lot more practicals that are involved in it at the moment. The reason I don’t use sloping trend lines. The mumbo jumbo around different names for different reversal patterns. I’m not going to go into that in too much detail on the course because I show you how you can sort of debunk the whole thing and make it really really simple.

The whole way through it’s about understanding how to trade the markets, I’m not going to teach you something that you don’t need to know, based on the strategies that I teach. It’s very much to the point. There’s a lot of it 304 slides as you can see there. But it’s covering the essential ingredients that need to be covered. As you can see, huge amounts of practical examples, you’re going to be doing the work, it’s going to be me helping, also some of my apprentices will be available to work with you holding your hand, answering your questions and walking you through it all. A huge part of this is not just me showing and telling.

It’s about getting you involved. I’m gonna be splitting out to live charts, you know, I’m going to be bringing out live charts and testing you on that sort of thing. Again it’s bringing it together, it’s giving you the understanding for what it is you need to do. I’m testing you the whole way through. I don’t want you just walking out of the two days feeling good, I want you walking out feeling good but knowing what sort of a plan to action there guys. We go through a lot of different things outside of the strategy. People think they just want trading strategy when in actual fact they need to have a whole trading plan. They need to look at the routine, so of course we cover routine.

We look at rewards to risk ratio’s here. We look at how to manage your risk, a whole section has been put together here. Terry did a fantastic walkthrough of exactly risk management and how you can look at different ways to do it. So I’ve incorporated that as well. You know, we’re going to have also in the members area tab it will be how to use different accounts, how to set them up, how to use margins, how to use the risk calculator that we’ll give you access to. Huge amount there as to what we need to know as traders. We cover psychology, the mindset that is required. We cover every single thing, including saving time.

People say to me, well I don’t have enough time to trade, you do, you just got to know how to trade those windows. You’ve got to go into the market with an ability to know exactly what you’re looking to do. As apposed to, many times we go in there and we look around, and it’s just you know, what are we going to do go in there with a set plan and a set sort of rules to work through and you’ll find that your time will be much much more efficient. So a huge amount that we cover in there of course. It’s over two full days.

They’re going to be big days, they’re going to be long days, they’re going to be enjoyable days and if you haven’t got your spot for Sydney, cause we’re going to be doing as you can see down here, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and then abroad. So we are going to be taking this show overseas, we’ll be looking at New Zealand, then be moving on to Europe and the U.S. If you haven’t registered your interest, please do so and if you want to get along to Sydney, there are still I think there’s six spots available. They are filling fast, they will fill really quickly cause we’re just about to send an email reminder out to the hundreds that registered.

Guys I wanted to take you through what I’m seeing on bitcoin, I want to take you through what we’re doing this weekend and I want to put a formal invite out there to you, if you are a member, get in contact. There’s a much much much reduced price, if you’re not a member and you’ve been considering it, well, this is the last time we’re offering these prices, it’s the last time we’re doing it in Sydney for this year, so get yourself along. Have a fantastic day, get over to tradingcobb.com. All you have to do is hit tradingcobb.com, there’s a little banner that you’ll be able to go into to get to this particular link. Guys, bitcoin, 10,000 dollars on the nose, I’d like to see it pulled back a little bit deeper, roll back up, get that higher low and higher high. You have a fantastic day, and I look forward to meeting you, in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, or in any of those other cities guys. Have a good one. Bye for now.

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