When ALT Season Starts

The biggest question for anyone not holding Bitcoin exclusively has been “when is ALT season” and it’s something I haven’t been able to answer nor has anyone with any idea. I have however seen this before and thought it wise to take you through some of the top-20 ALT’s and explain what I am waiting for.

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By Trader Cobb -

Good day everybody. Well, hey listen, I’ve been asked a million times about when is it ALT season? When is ALT season? When is it ALT season? And the answer is I have no bloody idea, neither do you, neither does anybody. Sorry, sorry had to do it. But I wanted to talk to you about some ALTs some higher-valued ALTs.

I’m talking about insider, top-20 type stuff. The stuff that I like to try to trade, the stuff that I like to work with, and I’ve noticed a couple of things in the last 24 hours, really, and I thought it was a good time to bring it to your attention. So, first of all, I wanna touch on Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is starting to look like we might get a bit of a move going here! You know, we break through this hardware, we’re looking pretty sweet. A nice consolidation right here and for me, I’m pretty happy about how it’s looking.

There’s still a long way to go of course, but this consolidation here, I’d like to see it pop. You get above here and I really do think we’ve got a lot to give if we come back to this daily here, of course you’ll know if we can get above here there’s another small level taken out, getting us to 11,000 would be really what we’re after. Look at the four hour. We’ll go lower and see if there’s anything there.

Consolidating, yeah. Consolidating, yeah. Consolidating, yeah. But is there anything to trade? Look you might be somebody there who There might be the opportunity for the odd burst during the lower time frames. If you don’t know what that means, fine. It just is what it is. But now, across the ALTs, so, what am I looking at here? Well, I’m looking more or less here… Oh, hang on a sec. One second. I wanna see this, this is the four hour plane back in here.


What do we have here? Oh, heaven forbid! Okay, well, yep, all right, Litecoin broke down there. What was that? What time was that? That was at 10 a.m. this morning when I was packing my bags. Good stuff, Craig! Anyway, I don’t really want to be too heavy in the markets as I come into this two-day-course weekend. I kinda like to be flat when I’m trading into one of these events. I just don’t like the distraction, or at least having one-to-one.

Now I’m hoping that I do have a long trade. I’m hoping that I kind of get a one-to-one before then I’m not too concerned, there’s no leverage on that one, so onward. But, Litecoin, this is not what I was looking at here on the two-four. I was actually wanting to show you the dailies. This is what I was sort of looking at here, Check this out through here! Way back in March, earlier in the year, they break through this resistance right here, pop straight up to 100, or more or less 100. And then, of course, the stocks move quite high with some really nice cradles and pullbacks that we saw throughout that boom.

Chugga lugga boom, chugga lugga nice! Some really nice movements that was going on through that period of time. We’ve seen the same sort of thing on the way back down. The one that we got is The potential, the potential is still not there, you know, it’s still on a downtrend. Out of all of these, Litecoin is probably the most barish. It’s kind of flat on the MACD, which is still fine for the downside. But if we were to see them start the trend high, higher low, pushing out through here to a higher high, breaking this level, we’ll have done that off support. Now support is just support. It’s what we do from there that’s important. And it’s not done it yet, this is an observation only.


Litecoin, on to Dash. Back it out on Dash. Once again, you can see through here, we saw support running through here, once again, through end of February, early March. We’ve now come back down, retested it, one two, two times. We are quite divergent on these lately but it’s not so bad okay, if we were to break down through these lows now, then the one day would be divergent. Once again, if we were to see a higher low break out through to a higher high, well then we would have a reversal of trend on the daily off of support, another positive.


On to EOS, EOS again, check this out. Resistance coming through here, one, two, three, bang! Test again down here, back into here, very divergent on these last lows, a higher low potential if we break out through here, you get the picture. Same thing, a move higher off of support. An uptrend on the daily off of support. And has weight because it’s coming off that support.


Finally, NEO, again back through here. One, two, three, bang. Another test here and it’ actually done it. NEO has broken up, it’s moved today, higher low, higher high, technically uptrend. Not the strongest just yet, but it has made its move. Now why am I interested in this, and why should you be interested in this, and why, if there’s no trade for me to take right now, is this something that I think is significant to keep an eye on?

Well, when you start to see a number of different markers, and those of you who have been following me or trading with me or have done my courses years ago, back in the early days, when we first started out, will know that I have looked at these sort of things in the past and they don’t always work out. But they are little ticked boxes that I’m trying to achieve to build a higher probability of an outcome. Now, I’m not looking for trades here, I’m looking for trend changes.

I’m looking for the next sign of whether it be higher or lower, and at the moment, what I’m seeing right now, quite simply, is that we’ve got a fair few decent-sized market cap tokens that are sitting around some support. We’ve also got the big doggie, and that big doggie itself is Bitcoin. That has had that run-up, it is consolidating, and if we can push above this high, we have plenty room for upside with no major resistance in the way.

Now, I am not suggesting that this is going to happen, I am merely being someone who is commentating the technical ingredients that I am seeing on the chart day in and day out. But I have seen this before, and I will be watching this green list to see if we do see some signs there, and we do start to move into more up-trends in these ALT markets. So when it’s ALT season ALT season is when you goddamn learn to trade and you trade yourself.

You can build, so do what you gotta do, it doesn’t matter if the market goes up or down if you know what you’re doing. I’m gonna enjoy my time in Melbourne with you guys and girls that are gonna be there! If you’re in Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, yeah that’s all we got there, then get on! Get yourself registered and ready for the next one. They are coming up thick and fast.

Oh, and by the way, Singapore, we’re coming at ya! Malta, we’re coming at ya! U.S., we’re coming at you too, next year! And same with you, London. We are on our way. Loving what I’m doing, share this around if you love it, guys. Don’t forget, all the content that is there on the live courses is also there as I’m recording. So don’t let it hold you back if you can’t get along to these courses. Get the skillset you need to move through the markets, the way you need to do it, which is with confidence, skilled poise, and a checklist-based trading strategy. Bye for now!

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