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By Trader Cobb -

Morning to you hope you are all well. Hope you are in a place where you go nice and cool today. If you have all the neighbors.

Please do keep an eye out for them, just checking them. If you got all the neighbors, and make sure that everyone’s okay because if you’re on the east coast of Australia today, it is going to be hot. Hot hot.

Y’know, blanketed in smoke and there’s a lot of fires burning right now so just look out for the people around you that’s all I ask. Pretty easy to do, a quick knock on the door. Hey gang, Bob your okay, you want some water?

Would you like to come over here my air conditioning? That’s all you need to do to make a big difference. So just keep that in mind.

Anyway, the markets, what’s going on here? Well, let’s have a look. The various channel two at 242 sorry 2.42% down. Not a great deal of activity right here.

Look, if anything it could actually act as a positive or a negative. Lets you know gotta flip the coin both sides at the moment. I gotta break out through this 7933 level course for us to have any real upside potential.

And for us this is a potential higher low. This could also be a potential higher low in the same respect, that could be a lower high for within break down through here. So that range is coming in a bit. The variance of what we’re looking at are changing and they will continue to change so just keeping an eye on that.

Nothing to work with right now. The cyclicity down here, here’s another spike. It was, we tend to see this, by the way, when the market does lose a little bit of activi- like a volume.

So volatility and volume really. We start to see these spikes here’s a 15 minute you’ll see it’s just.. Looking at this chart here, doesn’t look too bad at all, you know, nice cyclicity starting to come in there.

Let’s actually have a look at this as I wash it and there’s no point why is no point there’s no point because you know, I can’t draw I’m not gonna draw almost from up here and I can’t draw from here. Certainly wanted to draw.

I do actually quite like to look at that but I’m not gonna have time to get that order in because I can’t see myself getting through this whole scan in 15 minutes. I’m not going to rush it. Now let’s have a look through here.

All down pretty uniforms be fair pretty darn uniform. Let’s hit this margin pair list. I’ve some reason right by the way I tried to upload the FTX list he sent through or sorry tried to download and I couldn’t actually get it to work.

Now I have plugged in some new materials some new software for for doing regoing so going over these course again so I might try it again today. But try to get it up. Not yesterday, actually tried to get up on Friday and I couldn’t get it to work so I’ll try again.

If you could send it again right that’d be great. And then if I can’t get to work out I’ll know there’s something wrong on mine because the same thing it’s just a it’s just a list right you just download it then import it back in the trade tradingview and that’s it should be pretty easy.

For some reason I couldn’t get to work. That being said doesn’t really surprise me that much I’m pretty useless.. most things. Okay Ethereum again pretty uglythere, there’s nothing really of interest I think we’re going to see much of the same.

Yeah, no worries. Thank you Rachel. Nothing here on Ethereum classic.

I think most of the USDT pairs are going to be somewhat pretty average as Zcash is climbing but there’s nothing there. It’s really interest there either nor Bitcoin Cash. Monero sorry Monero sideways IOTA sideways Dash sideways.

XRP was watching this yesterday. Of course we did break out through here get an uptrend and currently right now, what we’ve got is very little in the way of, you know, anything of interest, as far as you know, up or down.

Yet down moving a little bit there. I do get that against the dollar. It is falling and, you know, that is what it is, but there’s nothing of interest there. So I’m going to take that out of the list there.

Moving through. Here we see EOS nothing they’re either looking for good trends that’s really the only thing that I’m focusing on right now is trend trend trend to trend. ONG, no NEO nothing quite there yet. ATP little pop once again.

ATL on Bitcoin Gold is no.. Okay onto the Bitcoin pairings, 8% here on ZCash. Happy to leave that Litecoin no Ethereum.

Nothing there. Monero is the same Dash is the same, XRP right. Now I’m going to show this too on the Bitfinex and then I’m going to show it to on the Bitmex because much nicer on the Bitmex than it is on the BitFinex.

I have had a look this morning. But if you don’t trade a Bitmex. Then, this is worth keeping an eye on here look at that eight hour.

It’s not the nicest chart structure on XRP Bitcoin right now, but that’s up to you to make a call on. Obviously coming off of that level. I don’t mind that

It’s what probably one of the nicer looking opportunities out there for the time being, other than that little very little going on here. Now I don’t love NEO Bitcoin on Bitfinex because it’s have some gap, here it is. Is there a NEO contract on FTX.

That was the whole point of me but not you know not NEO but the whole point of the jumping in and download that list was really so I could have the list before I went and opened up the account. As it turns out yesterday afternoon I ended up doing breath work.

Forgot to set my alarm was probably down for about 45 minutes 60 minutes which was more than I normally do for my breath work. It was absolutely wonderful I I must say but it it meant that I didn’t have as much time to get as much done as I would have liked. So I spent the rest of my afternoon doing mentoring stuff.

And NEO, bearish in the cradle zone. I may need to have a look at that pretty much. Yeah, just on the daily here.

Worthwhile looking at if you’ve got an option there on Neo no no perfect. Is there a BTC contractors NEO Bitcoin. Anyway, if can’t find it there I don’t really like it anywhere else to be fair

Easy presyo none of these Eth pairs really have too much interest. I’m only focusing on the daily on these ETH pairs just for simply because that’s where it’s at. Now here we go.

Here’s one that I didn’t speak off to you guys. Obviously it’s banged around. Now it’s broken up again.

Nothing for me to work with there but I you know if it comes down to I wouldn’t mind you know pull back on bit sorr on Bina- I think it’s only on Bitfinex. There’s really no need to speak about that right now. No BTC sorry NEO at all no worries.

That means that we could do it just move on. Stellar Bitcoin no okay. I think I got this one in I do I definitely have this in on Binance.

We’ll come back to that in the list later as I do with sorry not against USD but against Bitcoin. Quite like that nice trend needs pull back a little bit more though. Sheez that was pretty quick.

Okay top 150 we’re gonna start with Binance, sideways then we’ll go to LEO, nothing there. TRON no. Yesterday quite a nice watch list to work with today so far so slow. Let’s just have a quick look at this.

Some of the trades that I went through last night or yesterday afternoon in. What is it? Now the mentor is when you send your trades in. Some were reverse breaks but with that some of the rules or another I might have to do a little more work on actually creating a bit more structure around that I think, won’t be this year though.

I’ll tell you that much. So, a down support right there. We’re looking at this right now is there some flat level?

Well I don’t think that actually is so there’s really nothing more to talk about or maybe. I mean, let’s just drop a line in here. I’m not really saying it to be honest, I mean, I’m not gonna.

Let’s just do as an example Okay. If we saw a breakout set up here, we had everything else working in our favor, but we looked at this chart here on the daily and we saw holding it support.

Perhaps I might look for a little pop there, but I need to see something there on a daily of course to back that up. If you go into mentoring, you’ll actually see what I’m talking about there. Atom up a resistance pulling back.

Here we have bitfinex again there with what’s called Binance can’t short we probably can short it there but I haven’t shorted anything at all on Binance. When it comes to margin type stuff, it’s not something that I’m I’m not that interested in at this minute.

Sheesh, we don’t need much doing we just need some good ones. So far all these have been very, very, very average indeed. Vechain will take that no.

I’m going to leave that it’s not quite good enough if I was gonna to take it I should have taken it there and i did not so I can move straight past that. QTUM Holo Decred. Right, let’s have a quick look at this.

Pulling back in here. Now this is quite fast for you because you’ve just joined the group. That’s okay, you can watch the recording. What I’m looking for is trend, multiple timeframes, having trend.

First thing is trend really. Moving averages in the correct order. And then convergence of the MACD. They’re the main things I’m looking for.

Now given here with Decred we don’t actually have anything that sort of fits as a little boy actually just hold phone there Charlie Brown. Like you to have a quick little sniff around the sixth day. Whoo hoo hoo.

Okay, so let’s just keep that 16 up there. And the daily now there is something about head. Okay, cool. There’s wonder one well before there.

I’m leaving that in. I’m pretty I’m sniffing on that. I like it look at that. Oh, hang on. Well done right you pick the lab? Yeah.

Okay. 11 The closer theory. So small 12 likes is probably not much there for me. Those of you in a different part of the world. Perhaps this is good for you.

Not so much for this man. For the backup on a daily. Raven. Well I got back in the area that we’re hoping for it to do.

That was too big for me. I mentioned that in my video and that wasn’t really good either. So for me on Raven or waiting for a pullback I will keep that in the list as it is still valid even if it pulls back further and delect is also still valid.

No OMGG no. ALGO doo doo doo doo doo doo doo no trend okay low high buying bigger picture trend but I mean. Yeah there’s nothing that chat structure wise that excites me mush that no how you live at behind.

Gee it’s pretty pretty slow, thus far close out to the year and I know we haven’t closed the year at just yet. But I mean, that I’m not saying that house means in great trades, but as far as a big daddy Bitcoin goes has been very little in the way of action. Verge it definitely has pulled back.

I am not a massive fan of how funny this looks but I got to look at volume before I judge based on the low SATS here. That would be to feel anything for me to really consider and to be honest there there really isn’t. Maybe on the daily another time.

Nothing on Ardor there. We were going one of the period of weirdness on all lefty expert.

Either way I’m not interested. Not happy sorry I’m not interested at all. They’re not on the happy engine waiting for deeper pull back on the daily and we won’t miss that one.

Zilliqa okay. We got that trend there has moved down at 12. Beaten look, I’m gonna pop than in I’m gonna keep an eye on it all right that’s all I’m gonna say right now I am going to keep an eye on it.

But that’s all for the time being. There’s nothing more of a solid plan off of it at this moment. No no solve no no.

Matic now the arguably if you’re really aggressive you could try to step up to there if you wished I was hoping to see a higher high before I went to bed I was in bed then. Way in bed. I didn’t move my stop my stop is still down here.

Now if you did maybe stop up to here maybe yeah. But that’s a good trade a world and trade a profitable trade I’m I am still in there. Let’s see if anything else that I can see there?

No, not yet. Stratis. Bread man, some. Oh, I think stopped down there I look at it. I’ll have to go and check.

That’s okay. That was a great little profitable trade up percentage-wise. It was roughly 13% on what stop. Okay, good. Cool, happy with them.

Now, basically, let’s solve well let me just think 13 the three so looking of or four and a little bit more got forward face. 4 t 1, that’s cool. Which means I’m in profit on this and Matic as well.

So that’s good. I’m happy with that now. I’ll leave that because I might just do a follow up video on that trade, Walton leaving GXC no, nothing there infact I’m just one of these silly spikes that does from time to time.

Digix we left that I am happy with that I’ve got no intention on being in that even now. Let’s merge a little bit. One way for that chart structure is sit least it gets better.

Fetch leaving that as well. Grin nothing there. A bit thin and a bit spiky. Waykichain. Higher low Higher High pulling back.

Look I’l tell you what. I’ll have a look at that again tomorrow. Today not so much. Not that keen on this you look at that you’ll see the spikes.

To be fair, I’m not that massively keen anyway but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and I will have a look at that later later on. Dragon no EG no.

Jesus we look a bit starved of anything really that exciting across much of the market but that being said, like I have said in the past. Didn’t quite do it did it? Like I have said in the past, you know, it doesn’t require heaps we use require some good ones.

You know, let’s be real, right? There is nothing. I’m gonna leave Loom in but why? That’s the question to myself. Why am I leaving it in?

Eight hours. I’ve gonna leave it in for the eight. That’s that’s the reason. If we do have the time to get an eight hour cradle sitting up there within the realms of may not being at a children’s ballet event this evening.

That’s going to be off the charts. I’m expecting it to get pretty loose, to be fair. So I might be a bit hung over tomorrow.

It’s gonna be a big night. Of course. I’m joking. I just hope and pray that we do some air conditioning in that bloody building.

Okay Bitmex pairs right now. I’m gonna kill some of these level as they are no longer relevant. Now you get that up on the daily down here.

My apologies there nothing for me to work with. Ethereum Bitcoin if we get any more cyclicity there perhaps nothing there. This is what I do like.

Well not like I do not mind all right let’s check this in woohska. There is resistance. There there is one to one before resistance there okay so little bullish candle.

It’s not the greatest chart structure. It is a pullback and I will be keeping an eye on that, It is in the list and it will stay in the list. Another reason I do not mind that is the way it’s coming off of this support.

It doesn’t factor into my decision. I just don’t mind the way that chart looks. When it comes to Cardano the answer is nothing there. Bitcoin Cash nothing there.

Litecoin and EOS nothing there. Let’s dive into our redlist this once again here. Just to recap, you know the 15 minute of course, it has already set that candle.

If we do see this cyclicity continue to drive price lower I’ll be having a look at the lower timeframes. That being said I’m not overly excited right now. I won’t be I mean you look at this.

You jump into the fifthteen now we’re going to say what trade that? wrong answer why? Because there’s no real direction here.

So nothing really too much. Kyber just been stopped out. I’m just looking at him for the purpose of potentially doing a video.

Matic I’m still in currently hanging on just to stop there could have been something up here if you were if you were pretty aggressive there. For me not so much. Tezos waiting for that pullback in a little bit more.

Haven’t got that just yet. Decred same sort of thing here. I’m actually digging that on the 16.

But don’t forget that is got you know, 10 hours until close and in 10 hours time. Well, what’s that going to make it? It’s kind of like it ballet so yeah. Raven, the only reason I’m looking at this is for a better deeper full back.

Again a higher time frame so far nothing to really sink my teeth into early days. Eight hour again here on Loom waiting for that. XRP is really only chart that I would halfway consider if it was to close on bullish like this.

I need to go and see what the what it looks like on the Scooby Doo, the Bitmex chart. And finally Zilliqa another one looking at these higher time frames here eight hours. So for the time being unless we get some momentum coming in.

It really is all about waiting today and that is fine. We’ve got plenty of other work to be working on. And again, I’ll just recap what I said at the beginning of this Guys, please if you have elderly neighbors and it is really hot around you and smokey, please make sure you go and just knock on their door.

check on them. If you got aircon and they don’t and it’s sweltering hot. Make sure you invite them into your home.

I think it’s really important to do that look after each other? Yes, Adam. So the for all the aid both are fine in my eyes. Both have uptrends.

Both convergence both in the right order, but if I’m going to go eight to 16, the decision is going to be based on the moving averages. So if we go to the 16, they’re in the right order as well.

So I actually don’t mind the four or eight it’s effectively going to be the same sort of order. It just depends on what you prefer more. So look after yourselves and each other.

I sound like I sound like I’m Jerry Springer.

Have a good day. Stay safe, stay warm, and thank you to all the people out there that try to make a difference with these fires and all that. Have a good one guys. Bye for now.

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